World brand Taffex now in Turkey after Europe

World brand Taffex now in Turkey after Europe

– As a Turkish woman, you own the only chemical factory in Europe. How did you manage this?
TAFFEX is a cleaning company established in 1994 with about 400 employees. A family company since 1994, TAFFEX has established the hygiene factory with the idea of Ms. Fatoş Akça. The reason in establishing this factory was to prove ourselves in different areas upon the demands of the consumers. In Europe about one third of the people think cleaning is utmost importance. So we decided to establish this factory to produce cleaning materials. All our products have different contents and are approved by the Ministry of Health.
Turks in Germany generally deal with businesses like restaurant, hairdressing, market and etc. while we decided to work in the area of chemicals. This has been a source of pride for me both as Turk and a woman.

As Akça Chemicals Company we first took over a company and then a raw materials company. Then we started searching for a raw material supplier. The suppliers whom I contacted on the phone first were interested with my offers thinking that I am a German. Later when they saw my contact information they said they were surprised to see Turkish person is interested in buying raw materials and decided not to work with me. So we have seen difficult situations at the beginning but now we are happy to produce good quality products as per the demands of consumers. We say that we are an assertive company and pioneer in quality…

TAFFEX was established as a world brand 5 years ago in Germany to produce cleaning materials. Our products are submitted to consumers through our distributors in every part of Europe.

TAFFEX serves the domestic and foreign markets with its wide scope of products in the cleaning sector. Since the day it was established, its priority has been good quality in service and products and has never stepped back from the principle of submitting the right product to consumers in the right time and with the most convenient price.

TAFFEX, which has totally adapted the customer based service approach, operates in the cleaning sector since 5 years according to its principles. It provides easy selection opportunity to its customers through choosing among wide range of products exhibited in its big showroom, and continues to bring new product ranges to sector through revising its product varieties regularly.
Our aim as TAFFEX is to take the requirements of our customers into consideration, provide rational solutions for these requirements; and contribute to efficiency in hygiene applications by establishing hygiene systems.
Our target groups are hospitals, hotels, restaurants, public institutions and organizations together with markets and to houses.

Our objective is to make our products reach the target groups especially in my country Turkey, the Turkic Republics and the Middle East. Our priority is human and human health. We attribute great importance to hygiene. Since TAFFEX is a world quality brand, we believe the people would benefit in terms of quality and economy by using our products.

As TAFFEX, we will continue working to achieve our objectives in Turkey without abstaining from the customer satisfaction.

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