We must not be entrapped

We must not be entrapped

What suits a Muslim is to pray for the good of his Muslim brother or sister and plead for his well being and safety, not anything else.

The Islamic scholar and opinion leader Selahaddin Seydaoğulları, who is based in Kızıltepe district of Mardin province, made some important remarks to the Journal. Stating that they are in a deep sorrow and concern about the latest developments, he said “The sedition fire is spreading rapidly among Muslims. The reason for our concern is that some internal and foreign circles are aiming to create turmoil in the country under the cover of graft probe. Muslims should not be deceived by this trick”.


Stating that corruption, theft and bribery are issues against which everyone is sensitive, Seydaoğulları said; “we can show no tolerance at all to such issues. We are the followers of a Prophet who had said “If the thief is my daughter I will punish her”. If someone is involved in such acts, he should be punished regardless of their position. In fact Prime Minister Erdoğan has shown his decisiveness for such claims before”.

Selahaddin Seydaoğulları said the government has conducted great services for the people since 11 years in many fields and added that especially with the removal of the restrictions before freedom of religion and consciousness; Muslims have found a great atmosphere of relief in the country.


Seydaoğulları said; “of course their services are not only limited with this issue; many achievements have been conducted in politics and economy. The launching of the settlement process, which is vital for our region, has been a major step towards ending the bloodshed in this region. We have witnessed a lot of pain and sufferings in this area. We have all suffered. Now there is a will to end all these pains. Have a look at the latest meeting in Diyarbakır for instance, the scene we saw there could not have been imagined a decade ago.

Now we fear that these developments are tried to be reversed. We believe some circles want to design the politics in Turkey by using such probes right before the elections. We are neighboring Syria, which is experiencing the greatest tragedy of our age. We know that they want to resemble us to Syria. We should not be entrapped by such attempts. The Prime Minister should stand decisively both against these operations and also the corruption; and he must select his road mates at the same direction”.


Mentioning that Turkey has become a hope for the oppressed people in many parts of the world, scholar Seydaoğulları said “Today there are expectations of the oppressed nations in the region or different parts of the world from Turkey. Turkey has been standing beside the people of Palestine, Syria, Muslims in Myanmar, Africa and other oppressed land. Besides Turkey is almost the sole country which raised its voice against the coup and the mass murders in Egypt. Now we believe that they want to diminish the final hope of the oppressed nations through such allegations and operations”.


Stating that the disputes among Muslims is saddening and that all Muslims shall be harmed by such disputes Selahaddin Seydaoğulları concluded his remarks saying “In the Holy Quran it is preached that “sedition is worse than murder”. Sedition is like fire, it burns down everything. If there is a sedition or dispute among Muslims, all of them will be harmed. What suits a Muslim is to pray for the good of his Muslim brother or sister and plead for his well being and safety, not anything else. We pray to Allah Almighty that he removes the dispute and separation among all Muslims”.

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