We closed down the Olympic Games in London with 5 medals

We closed down the Olympic Games in London with 5 medals

London Olympic Games took place in London, the British capital, between 27th of July and 12th of August 2012. This was the third Olympic Games in London after the Olympic games held in 1908 and 1948. Paralympics will be held on 29th of August-09th of September 2012.

Contests of 302 medals totally in 26 sport branches and 39 disciplines were organized in London Olympic Games. Approximately 10.490 athletes competed in 34complexes in four regions.  The opening of the games was on 27th of July 2012, the closure took place on August 12.

Turkey closed the games with 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals within 16 branches among 114 athletes participating in the Olympic Games in London. While golden and silver medals were received in taekwondo and athletics, one bronze medal was awarded in wrestling.

Atletizm kadınlar 1500 metrede Aslı Çakır Alptekin, tarihi bir başarıya imza atıp, olimpiyat oyunları tarihinde Türkiye’ye atletizm dalında ilk altın madalya sevincini yaşatırken, aynı yarışta Gamze Bulut da gümüş madalyanın sahibi oldu.

Turkey won its first gold medal in London by Servet  Tazegül in Taekwondo.  Having a historic success in 1500 meters Athletics women, Asli Cakir Alptekin pleased Turkey with  the first gold medal at the Olympic Games and in the same race, Gamze Bulut  also won a silver medal.

Nur Tatar, failed at the finals and received the silver medal with 67 kilograms in Taekwondo women.  Although wrestling is the branch Turkey performs big success only one bronze medal was presented to Rıza Kayaalp at 120 kg in Grekoromen in London. Thus, Olympic games were closed and Turkey brought a total of 5 medals to home.

Prime Minister Erdogan said:  “I ​​would like to thank all the teams. It is an important step for us that  181 brothers and sisters participated in the Olympics.”

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accepted medal-winning athletes from London 2012 Olympics. In his welcome speech, he said:  “I ​​would like to thank all the teams. It is an important step for us that 181 brothers and sisters participated in the Olympics. We expected to receive more medals in the Olympics as we took part in such a high proportion.

Reception which was closed to the press took about 50 minutes in Prime Minister’s official residence. Youth and Sports Minister Suat Kılıç, the national athletes Servet Tazegül, Aslı Çakır Alptekin, Gamze Bulut, Nur Tatar and Rıza Kayaalp attended the meeting.  Posing for a souvenir photo with technical team and athletes, Erdogan said: we would like to present phone as a memory. Please come and take your checks and awards without any further.

Within the scope of the regulation,   5 Turkish athletes from the podium at the Olympics will take approximately 5 million liras.

Two thousand cumhuriyet gold coins will be rewarded to first athlete, 1500 to the second and 1000 to the third. Thus, gold medalist Servet Tazegül and Aslı Çakır will receive 1 million 274 thousand liras each, silver medalist Nur Tatar and Gamze Bulut will have 955 thousand 500 liras and bronze medalist Rıza Kayaalp will take 637 thousand liras.