“We believe serving in our country and the friendly countries as social...

“We believe serving in our country and the friendly countries as social responsibility”

Ankara (Non Governmental Initiative) –  As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PLANSU Turkish Engineering and Consultancy Company, which you have established in 2007, what can you tell us about the developments in our country and the world from the point where you are standing after all these years?

During the last decade, our country has taken major steps to break its chains and take its position among modern civilizations through developments in economic, social and cultural aspects. As a result of the change and transformation process, the perception of the new generations about Turkey has changed and a new understanding has emerged that has changed from being a closed society to a country having words to say about the developments in the world. It is through this perspective that our businessmen and entrepreneurs have now opened to the world. As a natural consequence of all these developments, Turkey has reached a country that has a word to say in all political, economic and military issues both in the surrounding geography and rest of the world.

Ankara (Non Governmental Initiative) – We are following your successful projects in Turkey. Do you plan to transfer your knowledge and experiences to the Turkic Republics and other countries and start business abroad?

Our young, dynamic and entrepreneur human resources are conducting many activities both in the surrounding geography and the rest of the globe. In this aspect, we are ready to transfer our knowledge and experience to the rest of the world. We are pleased to see our relations improving especially with our relative Turkic Republics. At this point, we have to improve our relations with the Turkic Republics to become as influential as Russia, China and the US.

Ankara (Non Governmental Initiative) – Number of big international companies is increasing in the Middle East and the Turkic Republics. Looking at these regions, where is Turkey positioned among these developments and establishments?

It is an undeniable fact that the most basic requirement of our age is energy. Noting that the main reason behind the struggles in the world today is the aim to control the energy resources, we should not allow the Turkic Republics, which are rich in terms of such resources, to be controlled by dominant powers. As a rising star in the region, Turkey’s growing economy, technology, and its role as a guide for these countries is a fact that cannot be denied. In this term, it is now compulsory for Turkey to visit these countries with its engineers, contractors, businessmen and investors, and conduct investments and take role in planning for their futures. This should not be left only to the state; social organizations like the Non Governmental Initiative should be more active and take role in this process, and contribute to such organizations.

Ankara (Non Governmental Initiative) – We would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge, experiences and thoughts with us and our readers. Do you have a message to our Prime Minister and the administrators of our brotherly countries?

As a pioneer company serving in the field of infrastructure, we have accepted serving in our country and the friendly countries as social responsibility. If we are commissioned, we are grateful to state that we will spend all our efforts and energy to be successful in this aspect. As PLANSU; we have always been sensitive to increase our service quality rather than commercial concerns as per our mission and vision, and we commit that this will be the case in the future as well.

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