“We associate the rose with our Prophet”

“We associate the rose with our Prophet”

İzmir (Non-Governmental Initiative) – 16th International Flower Festival began with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, and the former Minister of Culture and Tourism Ertuğrul Günay, in İzmir-Bayındır.
As well as the Ministers, İzmir Governor Cahit Kıraç, Provincial Police Chief Ali Bilkay, Mayor of Bayındır Mehmet Kertiş, AK Party Deputies Ali Aşlık, Erdal Kalkan, Hamza Dağ, Aydın Şengül, Capital platform Chairman Mustafa Kurt participated to the Festival in Bayındır, which is one of the prominent flower production centers in Turkey.

Deputy Prime Minister Arınç “My favorite flower is Basil”

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arınç stated that flower is the symbol of peace, love and friendship indicating that the basil is his favorite flower.
Arınç mentioned the fact that both in literature and in religion flower has a special place “We remember our Prophet when we say rose. How beautiful it is to intertwined with the beautiful beings of different colours and taste” he remarked.

Ertuğrul Günay “May God bless your hands that produce flowers for peace”
The former Minister of Culture and Tourism Ertuğrul Günay stated that Bayındır would be a World pleasing place like Birgi, Safranbolu addressing the participants. Indicating that the last signature during his Ministry was about the issue on transforming Bayındır into a tourism area, he added “we are at an event befitting Bayındır. We are in the spring. Our hearts feel the warmth of spring. The most befitting thing for spring is Peace. May God bless your hands that produce flowers for peace, “he said.

Mehmet Kertiş Mayor of Bayındır “Bayındır will be the Capital City of Flower”
Mayor Mehmet Bayındır reminded that the town became a municipality in 1871 and has a long history, and the palaces and khans during those times got a whiff of roses.

Mayor Kertiş stated that Bayındır is the capital city of flower which is the symbol of peace, brotherhood and love “the structure of embracing 600-700 thousand people protects the historical background at the highest level.”

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