Wage justice

Wage justice

Wage is the first indicator at an organization symbolizing justice. The perceptions in accordance with injustices of wages are being shaping the attitudes and behaviors of people in working life. For this reason, the perception of injustice and of how the problems posed by these perceptions should be studied in detail.
Wage interests both to a group of workers aiming at a certain level of prosperity and employers, trade unions and it is closely related to the community generally. While employers aim at high getting higher productivity from employees, they are also trying to minimize labor costs. The trade unions take care of economic and social interests of their members, in order to realize that they want highest gains from collective bargaining. Overall success of unions is measured by the wage increases they have received from the employer. The community as last stakeholders is in the expectation of increase in the general welfare. Last, of in the increase would be due to the high fees it knows and expects.
According to the theory of equality developed by Stacy Adams, mankind always compares himself with others, and forms a perception of justice in his mind. People compare their contribution to the workplace provided by their own efforts with the qualifications and qualities of others’ efforts. They emerge attitudes and behaviors by evaluating their a result of their comparison. An employee, who feels a perception of injustice, can quit work, may be alienated to work, may upgrade his qualifications, might try to change his own results or try to sabotage others. Such reactions are the notifications that each workplace must emphasize carefully. But the important thing is not just to be fair only but also to ensure the justice perceptions of employees.
Wage is important for its being in return of the labor that it revitalizes the economy and provides social justice. Because of the importance of the situation to ensure fair distribution of wage is only possible with an establishment of an acceptable fee structure both in public and private sectors. In this process, all institutions, organizations and businesses need to consider the expectations of people and sense of justice which are in the natality of human beings.
In the systematic of the wages two different methods that should be applied are seen . The first of them is job evaluation, and the other is performance-based. Job evaluation is possible to create a fair and balanced fee structure. Performed services are examined in detail in this method; the difficulty of the job, responsibility, or required qualifications of the person are accepted as the basis for the fee.
Performance-based payment is based on the idea; each employee will increase the performance of the organization. In this system, in case of the performance of a person is beyond targets is a matter of fact.
After all statements let’s have a look at the situation in Turkey today.

Especially the large- scale systematic is given importance in the private sector. However, in many businesses in the CSO or the public institutions the methods proposed by science are being ignored for many years. As a result, organizations are forced to maintain their activity in an inefficient and ineffective manner.
We have been complaining about clumsiness of the public institutions for years. We have been grousing that the officers are not doing their jobs properly. Then we purchase service from contractors as a result we are not making the institutions functional. Subcontracted workers are employed by contractor companies are being missioned to serve in the public institutions for peanuts. This approach means widespread brutality of capitalism, and being distant from the understanding of social state.

Easy solution: Do not rehabilitate, transfer to the subcontractor.
Overall, I am opposed to this solution. I believe that with regulations amendments should be done in personnel legislation and the public should serve only with permanent staff who work successfully. the public payroll, but the view that who defend his job. However, this idea does not mean that the public sector job security means from the cradle to the grave. Most of the time officers receiving bribes, committing theft, are not fired.Tthis culture should also be changed. Wage becomes a tool , to increase the motivation of the employees, which increases their performance and sustain better achievements to all institutions. Ministry of Health took sound steps on aforementioned issues. I think all the citizens feel the reflection of those steps while having health services.

In 2002I was appointed as a deputy manager to a school named as Gazi University, Sungurlu Vocational School at the time. I was receiving 650 TL. Officer who served with me as a secretary in the same period were receiving 1.150 TL as a salary during those years and the net salaries of the working staff of employees who served as maids were 1.500 TL. The manager was me but the officers were having more Money. Indeed, for me it was a tragicomic story at that time.
Last week there were news that studies have started in the direction of change about the State Personnel Law numbered 657.According to this news 18 different occupational group will be established for the wages and salaries to be allocated according to risk and importance. In other words, the valuation method will be applied as in the above mentioned work. At the same time the personal rights of civil servants, appointments, retirements, draft will be held again. Period of many years of equal pay for equal work will begin. If the work is done in an objective way without being influenced by pressure groups in a participatory manner and if this work is told clearly to the parties, an important step will be taken in providing justice.
According to the new legimate, officials will be paid not according to their additional indicator, but according to their profession and the wage groups. Fees will vary depending on the nature of the work. Degree of an importance of the work, property and the level of risk will be reflected in the basic wage.

In addition, the number of disabled staff planned to be the level of 5% of the total number of employees. Currently, this rate is of 3%. The studies for the enactment of the draft is being conducted before the Parliament is on holiday.

Our people deserve the best of everything. I hope all this work would be finalized without violating the principles of science, without discrimination, but increasing the functionality of all the institutions and the general interests of the society.