Turkish world heroes haven’t been forgotten on 30th august victory day

Turkish world heroes haven’t been forgotten on 30th august victory day

Plaque and the Gold Medal award ceremony to Ibad Hüseyinli Azerbaijan’s national hero was held in Kınacızade mansion recently.
Capital Platform the Board of Directors held a dinner in Honor of Ibad Hüseyinli hero of Azerbaijan on the occasion of 30th August  Victory Day in Ankara Castle Kınacızade mansion.

The event organized by Mustafa Kurt, Honorary Consul of the Kyrgyz Republic as well as General President of the Capital Platform very prominent names from Azerbaijan and Turkish world; representatives of non-governmental organizations were together at the ceremony.

At the ceremony;  the names like Ibad Huseynov Symbol of Heroism of Azerbaijan, Assoc. Dr. Necibe Nesibova Education Counselor in the Embassy of Azerbaijan, Elsevar Salman Press Attaché at the Embassy of Azerbaijan, Prof. Dr. Hamdullah Mahramov the Middle East Technical University, Azerin Azeri singer, Gülşen Behbud Editor of Atilla Magazine, Idris Ortakaya President of All Bodies of the Civil Initiative, Tulay Erim Çömez General Director of the Civil Initiative Newspaper, Advisory Board members of the Platform; Durdu Yıldırım, Şahin Karpuzoğlu, Ömer Faruk  Altıkardeş, Fuat Ağdemir, Fuat Ülger, Kıvırcık Usta, Süreyya Oral took place.

At night started with the presentation of Zeynep Köşker master commentator and Turkish World Cultural Ambassador Mustafa Kurt General President of the Capital Platform said: “I celebrate 30th August victory day of our beloved nation. I commemorate our martyrs who made this territory our homeland and cause us to live on freely and gratitude the veterans. As a Platform we are a human-focused NGO. We took as a guide the understanding of “LET LIVE HUMAN BEING THE STATE LIVE-PEACE AT HOME PEACE IN THE WORLD as our mission. I gratitude here each individual of the earth who believe and contribute to this mission regardless of their religion, language, race, color. Ibad Hüseyinli is one of the examples to these heroes who fought for nation, freedom, peace as many Turkish son of the country. The deceased Haydar Aliyev ‘s word “TWO STATE ONE NATION” is our promise and guide.

Gülşen Behbud editor of magazine Atilla informed guests about Ibad Huseyinli;

Azerbaijan has gallant sons, strong army and technology up to standards. One of these gallant sons is 22-23 year-old young Ibad Hüseyinli who prevents many people blood flow by  defusing Monte Melkonyan, a worldwide terrorist leader of  ASALA organization and  cause atrocities such as Khojaly genocide in Azerbaijan.” She said.

Prof Dr .Hamdullah Mahramov; First I thank Capital Platform for inviting me today. Today is a very important day. Not only for the Turks living in Turkey but the day of the people in any place over the world who speak Turkish in this region ranging to the Great Wall of China, feels like a Turk and loves Turks. I greet Ibad Hüseyinli our Karabakh hero from here. Though the number of heroines is small all the people of Azerbaijan said if something happened tomorrow old, young everyone is ready to fight, from 7 to 77…
Assoc. Dr. Necibe Nesibova Education Counselor in the Embassy of Azerbaijan said “I celebrate 30th August the victory day and thank to gentleman Dr. Mustafa Kurt General President of the Capital Platform for organizing such a night. Ibad Huseyinli is a hero who have rendered special services in Karabakh war, valiantly fighting in a collision against Armenian invaders, showed as an example hero for future generations.

Azerin Azeri artist, thanked president Mustafa Kurt for remembering Azerbaijan hero on this special day of the capital platform. She expressed that as an Azerbaijani Turk has great pride with Ibat Hüseyinli and said “”all the places inhabited by the Turks are homeland to me. I am very proud of being a Turk”.

İbad Hüseyinli; he began by saying  that he is celebrating 30th  August the victory day. Hüseyinli in his speech said that Capital Platform held a ceremony reminding himself on this special day deeply affected him. He said Capital Platform pacta sunt servanda example to our martyrs and veterans on this special day he got these awards on behalf of all the heroes who lived in Turkish World and fought for the sake of their homeland…

After Friendship and Solidarity messages, Ibad Hüseyinli was presented plaques by Mustafa Kurt.