Transformation into ‘’ the state of a nation’’ in order to be...

Transformation into ‘’ the state of a nation’’ in order to be ‘’ someone else’s state’’

It is the state the basic regulator of the world of rules,consists of education which is a part of our social life,public services like health or transportation,our basic means of entertainment TV programs that we spend hours in front of,even the banks that we entrust our saving.There are always answers to the question ‘’How is the state being governed and should it be governed?’’ of us in singular or holistic contxt.
Today the common characteristics of the leaders that left ‘’pleasant remark’’ in our minds is maybe that their efforts to use the power of stte to make good influences on the lives of our citizens and upgrade their living standards.

So,what is reform?Why is it important for a state?
Reform is remoldeling an existing structure;it has the qualifications of flexibility,convertibility and the ability to transform into a beter according to the context.The things that led us to the need of reform are,the Ozal period,the right-left conflict which lasted throughout 1970s, embargoes,1st Interregnum period that we lived in 20th century manifested by external and postal interventions;as for ERDOĞAN period of 1990s, it is the period because the coalitions, political and econominal instability normalized and aconomal instability normalized and called 2nd Interregnum.One can easily say that each reform touches the crisis in the community and/or we can say is the result of the crisis.Due to it is stil continuing the reform process in the last 10 years is may be the one that is being less talked.
The task of reform has been given to R.Tayyip Erdoğan,the Mayor of İstanbul Metropolitan who was punished by the system.After its great succes in 2002n elections.The AK Party established its Emergency Action Plan, consisting of 205 actions,which was announced on 3 January 2003, on four bases:Public Administration Reform,Economic Transformation Program,Democratization and Law and Social Policy.
Public Administration Reform is in the center of the structural transformation process of which AK Party projected within the economic and social structure.This transformation process,referenced two basic principles fort he conversion into’’ Citizen centered state,where the bureaucratic processes are reduced,fast,effective and efficient business processes are valid:transparency and accountability.Now itis the time of a state that has its power from the nation’s will,can explain every step and every penny that is spent transparently to its nation instead of understanding of a state that is always self righteos,believing every single work is done for sacred purposes, has godly qualifications.So the painful transformationhas started;the transformaticon into a ‘’ Nation’s State’’ instead of bening a ‘’ someone’s state’’
The operation of the principles of transparency and accountability of purification process wasn’t expected to be easy in the institutions cannot even be easy in the institutions cannot even be questioned, touched by the President.Or was it?
As the developments being noticed,people continued to support this process.In the succes of Turkish Armed Force in Kazan Valley towards bandits the settlement of principsles of transparency and accountability has great roles.If Turkey can firmly stand to the financal crisis that haz been sweeping the whole world,has brought the European Union to the point of disintegrationi ‘’ Banking Systems Reform’’ which is based on the principles of transparency and accountability, established and accountability, established after 2001 crisis has a great affect.
Public Financial Mangement Control Law No.5018 and Public Procurement Law no.4734 are two important steps of this transparency process at the side of state’s expenditure management.
Suppose that public administration reform is progressing in its way in transparency and accountability of Judiciary-Military and central bureaucracy,what should be next step?
Of course, the second and perhaps the most critial phase of the reform of public administration is public human resources development system.Because new norms require new people and institutions,talents and certain level of consciousness.It will be the human being who are going to operate,develop norms,and give life to the institutions.
It is obligatory for a reforminst party which has changed the entire public system with the ‘’citizen centered’’ approach,to establish a ‘’knowledge, quality, meritocracy’’ centered public personel system.Otherwise,individuals would take the places of selfrighteous,institutions, in other words instead of the institutions who are blind to the citizens,deaf superiors who say ‘’Enel State’’ aren’t able to hear ‘’experts-professionals’’