The World shall address PALESTINE as a STATE

The World shall address PALESTINE as a STATE

Turkey, has shown that its discourse and actions are consistent both as administration and nation. This situation has got important political reflections. The recent example has been the effort shown by the Turkish Foreign Ministry during the last voting process at the UN. Turkey has shown its existence in every part of Palestine, not only as a government but also through its nation and all NGOs. Therefore PM Erdoğan will be greeted with a great welcome in every city of Palestine.

  1. Starting from the latest development; Palestine won the status of non member observer country in the UN. How will this decision contribute to the Palestine cause?

The recognition of Palestine in the international community will lead to the following:

  1. Palestine has been recognized as a state for the first time in its history. Thus, the international community will address Palestine as a state from now on.
  2. The recognition of Palestine as a state means that its borders have also been recognized as per 4th June 1967 and its capital city being Eastern Quds (Jerusalem).
  3. This decision will be reference for future talks between Palestine and Israel. This means; Palestine is a state with borders as per 4th June 1967 and is currently under Israeli occupation. The talks will from now on focus on ending the Israeli occupation and withdrawal of Israel outside the borders, which UN recognizes officially.
  4. With this decision it is now recognized that Palestinian territory is the property of Palestine. In this case, the settlements established within these borders are null as per the Geneva agreement and should be immediately demolished.
  5. With this decision, Palestine is now entitled to be a member of all international organizations. So for instance Palestine can sue against Israel at the International Court of War Crimes.
  6. With this decision the world now recognizes the national identity struggle of Palestine that is been going on for almost a century.
  1. When talking about the Palestine issue, we remember the Zionist delegation headed by Theodor Herzl visited Sultan Abdulhamid II and asked him to sell them the lands of Palestine. However he refused them with his famous historical answer. Is it possible to say Palestine lost its guardian after the fall of the Ottoman Empire?

The fall of the Ottoman Empire marked the beginning of the British tutelage on Palestine lands. This tutelage lead to the placement and armament of the Jewish migrants on the Palestine territory. Britain had promised establishment of an Israeli state by the Balfour Declaration on 2nd November 1917. The British occupation gave an opportunity to them to fulfill their promise for an Israeli state. As a result, the fall of the Ottoman Empire meant the beginning of a disaster of Palestinians. Britain would not be able to implement such a plan if the Ottoman Empire was present.

  1. Is the Palestine cause supported well enough by the Islamic and Arab countries or does everything remains on words and papers?

The Arab and Islamic nations are tied to the Palestine cause through their hearts. However this is not converted to action in terms of states and governments. These states support Palestine but this cannot even be compared to the support provided by the West to Israel. If Arab and Islamic states had provided sufficient support to Palestine, the current status would not have been seen.

  1. How did/will the recent situation that has occurred after the Arab Spring influence the Palestine issue?

It is still not clear whether Arab Spring is a real “spring” or not. If this spring blossoms in Palestine, then it would be a real spring.

  1. How do the streets in the Arab world consider the new Mideast and Palestine policy of Turkey after 2002?

The Arab streets see the Mideast and Palestine policy of Turkey as a more advanced policy when compared to other countries in the region. This has increased the popularity of the Turkish Prime Minister and government in the region. This has resulted with advancement of the Turkish-Arab relations.

  1. When will see all actors unite in Palestine and serve jointly for their cause?

Everyone close and far and every Palestinian know that separation has harmed the Palestine cause. The only side which has benefited from this separation is Israel. However we now see positive signs towards ending this division. The fruits of the Doha Agreement are being collected nowadays. Insha’Allah this separation will end very soon. Thus a new stage based on cooperation will begin and we will have the ability to focus on main cause, which is freedom, independence and establishment of a free Palestine state.

  1. We know that PM Erdoğan is adored by the people in Palestine and the region especially after his famous action in Davos. Do you expect a visit by Erdoğan to Palestine in the near future?

Turkey with its people and administration has shown that there is a harmony between its discourse and actions. This situation has some important political reflections. The latest example we had seen on this case was the hard efforts of the Turkish Foreign Ministry during the voting for the status of Palestine at the UN. Turkey has shown its existence in every part of Palestine; not only as a government but also as a nation, NGOs and etc. Therefore PM Erdoğan will be welcomed with a great joy in every city of Palestine.

  1. How are your days in Turkey going? Which cities have you visited so far?

Turkey is an important country during the life of a diplomat or ambassador. I spend most of my time on my works, which are focused on improving Turkish-Palestinian friendship to the highest extent possible. I have visited many cities to strengthen the relations in every aspect between the two countries.