The point that has been reached in migration to Germany that started...

The point that has been reached in migration to Germany that started half a century ago

5 MILLION POPULATION & AN INVESTMENT SIZE OF 50 BILLION EURO IN 50 The number of Turkish business in Europe is around 140.000. These businesses have capacity to employ approximately 640.000 people. According to the latest statistics, consumption expenditure of Turks in Western Europe is 22.7 billion Euros.

Today, a significant part of the Turkish population living abroad resides permanently in the countries they are living in. Many of our citizens abroad have received the citizenship of the countries they are living in.   Today, the Turkish population living abroad is increasing depending on a family unionization and the relatively high birth rate.

The number of Turkish immigrants living in Europe in 27 EU member countries accumulate a total number of 5 million 200 thousand

While Germany takes the first place among the EU countries with its 2 million 900 thousand Turkish immigrants, Netherlands takes the second place with 470 thousand immigrants and France takes the third place with 45 thousand Turks.
People of Turkish origin living in EU countries has a conspicuous share among countys’ young population.118 thousand Turkish entrepreneurs in EU has reached an investment volume of 51 billion Euros. The number of entrepreneur is expected to exceed the limit of 200 thousand in 2020.

Currently, approximately 4 million people are in EU countries, 300.000 are in North America, 200.000 are in the Middle East, 150.000 are in Australia, and nearly 5 million citizens of Turkish Republic live in foreign countries.

Turkish immigrants have contributed significantly to the economic development of the migrant countries. Most of the Turkish citizens living abroad are not at the worker position; they are employed in various areas participating the political, social, economic and cultural lives as academicians, scientists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, journalists, businessmen, artists, politicians, sportsmen. At an economic sphere, many Turkish citizens have been transformed into an employer from an employee. The number of Turkish enterprises in Europe is around 140.000.These businesses employ approximately 640.000 people. The total annual turnover of these enterprises has exceeded 50 billion Euros. According to the latest statistics, consumer spending of the Turks living in Western Europe is 22.7 billion Euros.


Transformation from a Turkey waiting at the door of IMF into a Turkey that has become the focus of foreign capital

Today, at this point the portrait of Turkey, which was once upon a time waiting at the door of IMF for Money, for getting credit has changed a lot. Political, economic, legal developments that Turkey carried out in recent years, have made Turkey a centre of attraction in an economic sense.

While once upon a time, Turkish people were working abroad as workers for their economic well-being, today as well as Turkish people living abroad, Europeans and whole world investors have become preferring Turkey for their investments. Structural measures being taken for the improvements of investments in Turkey compared with previous years have been effective in the 15-20 times increase of direct foreign investment. In its own region Turkey, now has become a country like oil-rich countries, who are the favourites of the energy companies, with its attractive investment conditions. The highest foreign direct investment inflow to Turkey has come from EU member, Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

By the end of 2010, more than 25.800 foreign owned companies have been operating in Turkey. Two-thirds of them are companies established in the last seven years.

According to the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) Report, Turkey is at the rank of 15 among the countries attracting foreign direct investment for 2008-2010.

According to UNCTAD data, Turkey was the attraction of direct foreign capital with an average range between 500-900 million Dollars, since 2005, it has been among the countries of 20-30 billion Dollars of capital attraction.

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