Syria Marks The ‘Eurasia 2023 Vision’

Syria Marks The ‘Eurasia 2023 Vision’

Başkent Platformu Suriye Temsilcisi Av. Ali Öztürkmen, Suriye’de “insanı yaşat ki devlet yaşasın” düşüncesi çerçevesinde yaptıkları çalışmalara dikkat çekerek “yani insanların yaşamasını istiyorum fakat katil Esat Suriye halkına zulüm ediyor. Suriye’de kan ve gözyaşı var. Dünya buna sesiz kalıyor” dedi.

The closing session of the “Eurasia’s 2023 Vision” symposium, which was organized by Eurasia Development Platform was concluded. Chairman of the Platform Mr. Hasan Cengiz has mentioned the target for their operations as the “Eurasian Unity”. The symposium has taken place in Yunus Emre Cultural Center of the Keçiören Municipality. The symposium, which was hosted by Chairman of the Eurasia Platform Mr. Hasan Cengiz, was attended by Mr. Necati Çetinkaya, Chief Advisor to the Chairman of AK Party and Head of the Party Democracy Arbitrary Board; AK Party Gaziantep Deputy Mr. Mehmet Erdoğan; Deputy of Kyrgyzstan and Secretary General of the Eurasia Development Municipalities Union Mr. Anarbek Kalmatov; Mayor of Keçiören Mr. Mustafa Ak; Syria Representative of the Capital City Platform Mr. Ali Öztürkmen, other Mayors and representatives of many NGOs.

Cetinkaya “Eurasia is a large geography, from China, to the Balkans, ”

Necati Çetinkaya said during the meeting, which was moderated by the Head of the Eurasia Thinking Institute Professor Celal Erbay, that he felt very emotional when Eurasia was mentioned and stressed the importance of past and said “If you still have not seen Bukhara I suggest you to visit and see it”. Çetinkaya who pointed to the joint culture suggested the audience to read books of Mahmud of Kashghar, Yusuf Has Hajib, Ahmed Yasawi and Ali Shir Nawai.

Çetinkaya mentioned while talking about the literature and social structure of the region that the definition of the Eurasian geography was made wrong. Mentioning the importance of the Silk Road, Çetinkaya said when talking about Eurasia, one should think a vast geography extending from the China borders to the Balkans. Çetinkaya added that Turkey’s interest to the Eurasia region has increased in counts with the AK Party government.

Erdogan, “tens of thousands of Kyrgyz were martyred during the conquest of Iznik”

Another speaker AK Party Gaziantep Deputy Mehmet Erdoğan defined Eurasia as the unification of the ancestors’ land and the homeland. Mr. Erdoğan talked about the common history and mentioned how thousands of Kyrgyz people helped the Ottomans during the conquest of İznik and were martyred there. Mr. Erdoğan added that he was proud and very emotional to be present at the opening ceremony of the Orkhun Monuments, which were renovated upon the instructions of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
Hasan Cengiz “The target is Eurasian Union”
Chairman Hasan Cengiz pointing to the importance of the symposium underlined the objective of their activities. Mr. Cengiz stated that the objective of the Platform was to establish the Eurasia Union by the year 2023 and added that this vision was also introduced Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu. He also stated that this vision today is being worked on by Russian President Vladimir Putin to be realized. Mr. Cengiz also mentioned; “However the Eurasia we and Mr. Davutoğlu are dreaming is totally different from that of Putin. In our vision there will be friendship, brotherhood and the Ottoman soul”.

Mustafa Ak “We are ready to do our part”
Mayor of Keçiören Mr. Mustafa Ak stated that the 2023 Vision set by PM Erdoğan was not limited for Turkey and that Eurasia 2023 vision was within this framework. Mr. Ak mentioned the importance of activities to be carried out by municipalities in terms of achieving this goal.

Syria Representative of the Capital City Platform Sol. Ali Öztürkmen ” There is blood and tears in Syria. World remains silent ”

Some main points from the speech by Mr. Öztürkmen:
“I would like to thank you as the Syria representative of the Capital City Platform to give me this opportunity to speak here. I am trying to extend the idea of the Capital City Platform summarized as “let the man live so the state lives” in Syria. I want the people to live however the murderer Assad is oppressing the Syrian people. There is blood and tears in Syria and the world is watching this silently.
How long will this blood and tears continue in the Eurasia region?
We as the Turcoman in Syria want the blood and tears to end not only in Syria and the Eurasia region but also in the whole world and want the people to live freely.
The approach of the Turkish government to the Syrian revolution, which has been going on for about 2 years, shows that Turkey’s strategy for the Middle East is on a new axis.
I would like to address the officials of the Turkish state from here that what does the policy of supporting only the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Syria and neglecting 3.5 million of Turcoman and exposing them to an approach of second class refugees in the camps mean?
This approach and view do not promise good outcomes in the future for Turkey, which is the leader country of the Middle East and the Islamic world. This strategy will give birth to counter strategies, alliances and confrontations against the interests of Turkey. This will lead the Islamic world, which is dealing with many problems, into heavier problems.
Our desire is that we would like to see the Turkish state and government to embrace all the Turkic-Islamic societies and states, and develop policies in this aspect to become the leader of its region or even the whole world. However Turkey has isolated itself from the Islamic world after promising to do so to Britain at the Treaty of Lausanne. Since expel of the Caliph from Turkey, the country and the Islamic world has been left without a leader. Unfortunately a government, which would develop logical policies, has not emerged in Turkey or in the Islamic world. However it is possible to say that Turkey has gained a momentum in the region and the world during the last decade with the AK Party government. This stability should be sustained. This geography needs leadership of Turkey to stop the blood and tears. Turkey should do what it is obliged to do as per its historical mission.
Looking at Syria, we see that the warrior character of the Syrian Turcoman and the existence of the Turcoman are neglected in formation of the Syrian opposition. Some groups, which are advocating the oppressed people of Syria, are neglecting the Turcoman; what is the reason for this? Is it because they remained outside the borders of their homeland after new borders were drawn by the occupation forces (France and Britain) in 1918?
Or is it a guilt to remain Turk rather than being Arabized? Why is the Turkish state negligent against the suffering of its cognates?
Where is the Republic of Turkey, which is settled on the heritage of the Ottoman Empire? Where are the Turkish nationalists who are followers of the Touran cause; you see that the Eastern Turkistan is far away? Why are they trying to put before the Syrian Turcoman those who were advocating the murderer Assad in the past?

You know those who buried in Çanakkale and Sarıkamış are our ancestors as well. Did you ever ask them about their identity; whether they are from Aleppo, Damascus or Kirkuk? You call the Syria Turcoman as “guests” however they are second class refugees. Why do not you give work and residence permits to the Turcoman in their homeland? Why did you then give residence permits to the Syria Turcoman martyrs buried in Çanakkale and Sarıkamış?
Why does not Turkey help the organization of the Syria Turcoman and leave it to inexperienced children? Why is the organizational support given to the Iraqi Turcoman not given to the Turcoman in Syria? The war in Syria is a WAR OF LIFE OR DEATH for the Syrian Turcoman. What achievement is being expected from unsuccessful and diffident students? Why does Turkey not handover this mission to more experienced people? Are all these policies aim to destruct the Syria Turcomen in their right cause? If this is the case, Turkey will diminish as a result of this policy. The Turkish state in the past (Ottoman Empire) had placed us to this region to protect the Holy Pilgrim (Hajj) road and prevent a possible Arab invasion to Anatolia in case the Baghdad Campaign was unsuccessful. The current government should not leave us to the mercy of other groups.
In brief, our expectations and demands from Turkey are:
To summon a founding congress for the Syria Turcomen, write and announce Declaration of the Syria Turcomen and establishment of a council or committee representing the Syria Turcomen”.
At the end of the symposium, plaques were introduced to some politicians and NGO representatives for their contributions to the activities.