Special tastes in mystical atmosphere of history

Special tastes in mystical atmosphere of history

Kıvırcık Usta Kınacızade Mansion is one of the rare places to experience unforgettable moments with your loved ones in a historical setting, infused with culture and arts, and accompanied by special tastes. Kıvırcık Usta keeps his love and longing for the old times alive with a unique concept at the Kınacızade Mansion. Being the only remaining original mansion in the Ankara Citadel area, the history of the Kıvırcık Usta Kınacızade Mansion dates back to the 1800s. In 2007, the mansion was restored to its original condition. The mansion has a restaurant and café as well as a culture and arts center that showcases antiques.

Kıvırcık Usta: A Patron of the Arts and Culture

Kıvırcık Usta is a master breathing life into wood. Since 1979, He has been engaged in the repairing, polishing, restoration and decoration of antiques. Kıvırcık Usta’s artistic talent has been featured in many famous places and with countless items during his 33-year career. He befriends his customers and even has crafted works of art for his children and has restored items passed down from father to son and mother to daughter. Kıvırcık Usta held three events at Atakule Culture and Arts Center; he has had more than 10,000 exhibitions featuring Seljukian and Ottoman prayer-beads, calligraphy, illuminated manuscripts, marbling works, calligraphy on glass bottles, drawings, photography, old goods, antiques, and pieces for collections. He has contributed to live broadcasts, sitcoms and films in addition to various contests, poetry readings, evening conversations, and Hacivat- Karagöz street plays. Without expecting any money, he has contributed much to the promotion of culture and the arts, the mansion and the Ankara Citadel.

Private Rooms for Privileged Guests

There are three private rooms belonging to three important names in the mansion. The first room, the “Academicians Room,” is dedicated to Professor Dr. Halil Inancık. There are personal items belonging to the professor in the room, ranging from his typewriter to his books. In this mansion, which became the meeting place for academicians in and out of Ankara and even for European academicians, Inancık hosts his guests from abroad in this room. Another room is the“Jülide Gülizar Journalists Room.” Being the first female TRT speaker, Gülizar met with young people almost every day of the week in this room. Gülizar, who passed away on 15 March 2011, read her newspapers and wrote her books in this room. This room is also the meeting place for local, national and European journalists. The third room is dedicated to Yurdusev Arığ, founder and the president general of the Women’s Politicians Platform. Arığ was İsmet İnönü’s private secretary and devoted herself to culture and the arts.

Museum Rooms where Antiques Return to Life

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the Kınacızade Mansion is its function as a museum where antiques are exhibited. Kıvırcık Usta collected all his belongings and antiques given as gifts and donated to him by his customers and friends in museum rooms. There are museum rooms on the entrance and attic floors of the mansion. There are many historical details there ranging from books containing old Turkish Assembly reports, clothes, and handcrafted copper wares, offering a virtually feast banquet to mansion’s visitors.
Excellent Tastes in a Magical Atmosphere

The historical mansion, offering the pleasure of breakfast during the day and excellent food accompanied by live Fasıl at
night, has become a popular hangout for every one, local and foreign alike. Fuat Ülger, Kıvırcık Usta’s son, manages the
Restaurant and cafe. The mansion makes you feel the pleasure of a residence with its good-natured hospitality, comfortable atmosphere and unique historical setting. Everything is special in the mansion; drinking wine as well as drinking coffee and drinking tea is special…Wines are especially selected from award winning labels. In addition to
selected wines, Sarıgüney Boutique Ankara Wines are also offered. Drinking tea at the Kınacızade Mansion is a distinct pleasure. Teas to be offered to guests are specially selected blends… When you taste the food prepared at the Kınacızade Mansion, you will immediately realize how each ingredient is specially selected. You will want to taste the hand made Turkish gözleme, mantı (dumplings boiled and covered with yoghurt and garlic sauce), stuffed grapevine leaves, baklava (multi-layered flaky pastry with walnuts, pistachios, etc.) and hot-cold hors d’oeuvres, red meat and fish that are always available at the mansion.
Special Events in a Historical Place

Distinguishing itself from other mansion in the Ankara Citadel area due to many unique features, the Kınacızade Mansion ensures unforgettable occasions by hosting you for your special events such as meetings, weddings, engagement parties, henna nights, circumcision ceremonies, cocktail parties, etc.