When we say about roly-poly
Don’t think we will talk about
Those great people, the followers of Allah…
This “roly-poly” is not one of those,
He is one of the important figures in our literature…

The dictionary says it is a toy
heavy and round on the bottom,
small and light at the top.

It leans to every side but still stands up,
No matter how you leave it on the floor,
Due to the heaviness at the bottom
It always falls on its bum
Whenever it is left on the ground
It starts swinging
Some call it “keep swinging”.
Actually it is the man who never sinks.

It does not matter which era it is,
Whoever the ruler is,
It is always on the surface, it floats
Actually it is the man so pure
Its metaphoric meaning is no different,
No matter what the condition is,
Under every circumstance, for personal interests,
Even if it means compensating from his personality,
He can still stand on its own feet
And recover quickly…
There is also its slang version but let’s not talk about it now

This character who can be made by using eggs and gourd
And be the theme of many novels,
Is used mainly for its metaphorical meaning
Both in literature and spoken language.
As we said it is in fact a toy..
Always ready to be played with
And tricked by others
Even though it wants to play
It needs somebody else to tie it witha rope and throw on the floor.
Interestingly, whenever I hear the word roly-poly
I think of a wind-up toy (Turkish version would be a ball-hungry)
Round as a ball, hungry as a bear…
Besides marbles, kites, tip cats,
Roly-poly is one of the luxury toys of our childhood times…
It comes in various forms: colorful, plain and patterned,
We should also not forget the ones with bells
It would ring nicely and even if it doesn’t have fun
It would cherish the one who plays with it
When you play with it, its hobnail is touches the ground
And its butt rolls and rolls in the air..
It drops the one who accidentally pressed on ..
It has no ability to move spontaneously..
It starts to turn around
When it is neatly wrapped with
Rope wetted with saliva
Turns and turns like a vane..
It has got only one move which is the turning only..
It turns so fast as how much strong the one who throw it..
It turns so fast as how much slippery its hobnail and the ground are..
There have been many times we have slipped on its bottom for the luck
And on its hobnail to turn it better..
There are two basic rotational motion:
If it is rolled from right it turns to the left,
If it is rolled from left it turns to the right,
Even if it depends on the roller his job is to turn ..

Alias of it is buzzy.. the only feature of it is turn..
Its importance comes from the roller..
It costs 300 penny when it is on the dusty shelf of the market
Both with old and new Money..

While it is at the hands of children bought it for 300 penny
It has no importance to anyone .. however,
Whenever it is at a prominent figure’s hands .. and being roped ..
From the moment it is on the ground it begins to turn
It starts to hover around ..
When the game ends and the prominent person leaves the game
Its importance is lost with itself.. Goes with it is lost in ..
I can feel you say ..
Those were the days, were the days ..!
and hear you say,
Who were they!

Roly Poly plays both at light, and at the dark ..
Never lies in at night nor during the day .. makes the others be dead on their feet asleep
It pretends as if it is sleeping but it walks, it is a sleeplesswalker..
Please do not misunderstand it, it has good sides as well..
For example, it is in favor of development ..
When we say development, we don’t mean to
Develop himself, friends, country..
In order to stay ground it develops its bottom,
Its brain, sorry its hobnail remains the same, never develops..
On the contrary, when it turns too much
Although its bottom is not worn out
Its worn out hobnail is being removed.. Hobnail is changed, not the bottom..
The only feature of its hobnail is it is slippery and well-spinner
There is no important value other than that.

Of this typecasting that best fits among animals, are the cats ..
The cat whose ,one of the two most prominent feature is the ingratitude..
The ungrateful cat in Ibo’s song..
Other feature is to fall on its four feet always..
It shakes its tail in front of the butcher for a piece of liver,
Pleasantly, constantly until it gets it..
As soon as it picks up the liver, it runs with the wind.. take it to a snuggery place..
If you pretend to take the liver, it scratches your hand..

Aren’t there people who fit the personality of the roly poly?
Aren’t there? Those types haven’t been missing in the history..
There are a lot, and will be in the future as well..
Hope that all the types of roly-polies and bobo dolls,
Are all gone, and never come back..
The literary prototype of ‘Roly-poly’ has
No relations with people in real life ..
Although some witty folks, attempt to do so
Don’t you ever believe in them, ok?