Revival of ottoman foundation culture in recent years

Revival of ottoman foundation culture in recent years

ANKARA (Civil Initiative), Vedat İlkyaz President of Ankara Kumru People Association and board of directors did a meeting visit to Dr. Mustafa Kurt, chairman of Capital Platform, also Honorary Consul of the Kyrgyz Republic in his office and talked about the work they have done.

Vedat İlkyaz; Our association which was founded on July 20, 1987, has been operating for 26 years being aware of one of the civil society organizations, an indispensable requirement of democracy.

He said; we are in duty as “13th  Period, the Board of Directors “,our association continue its studies with the aim of providing guidance and consultancy services for our members and fellow came to Ankara, informing our countrymen in Ankara from each other’s presence, place and provide a meeting ground for them, sharing our joys and sorrows, introducing all the values ​​of our region (our culture, nuts, etc…), lobbying, to give scholarship our students who are successful but the economic situation is not adequate…
Honorary consul Dr. Mustafa Kurt; gave a brief information about the platform.  We endeavor to keep alive the legacy of understanding of the foundations of our ancestors. We are carrying comprehensive works to create a world where Turks and people of the world will live peaceful, happy and embracing all people of world without doing any religious, linguistic, racial, sectarian and political views discrimination among the people of the world as our ancestors did.
He said; Capital Platform; carries the consciousness and responsibility of being a non-governmental organization, reminding the maxim LET LIVE THE PEOPLE SO THE STATE L IVE” and composing from the people who has been aspired to work for the people of the whole world with this maxim. In this framework representative of nearly thousand non-governmental organizations in our body serve to this mission with us.

Later on it was passed to the solidarity night prepared by those who are from Kumru Association in the AMADE salon of prom and wedding hall in Antares. Numerous politicians, academics, businessmen, NGO representatives, journalists, and the families from Kumru met at night.
Mustafa Hamarat, Ak Party Ordu Deputy, joined the solidarity night of Ankara Kumru Association. Hamarat who speak at night said that fellowship shown by those from Kumru is an example in Ankara where 5 million live.

Mustafa Hamarat, Ak Party Ordu Deputy, joined the solidarity night of Ankara Kumru Association in Antares Amade salon of prom and wedding hall. Nearly thousand people from Kumru joined the night that Channel 52 TV’s live broadcast. At night beginning with the opening and greeting speech of President Vedat İlkyaz Kumru deputy Mustafa Hamarat spoke to his fellow countrymen.

Hamarat stressed that he himself  also arise within civil society activities said that Civil Society work is gaining momentum especially in metropolitan cities, gradually increase the solidarity that fellow countrymen out, the most concrete example of this seen at night of those from Kumru.

Hamarat who says those from Kumru were clinging to each other in a city like Ankara whose population over 5 million, this is an example country fellowship work is continued as follows:

“Today here our fellow countrymen show an example of solidarity by coming from different places of Ankara where 5 million lives. Our duty is to support and contribute this solidarity. I congratulate and celebrate our country fellowmen in the presence of President Mr. Vedat İlkyaz. Although living out, not forget his home city, always lived his hometown in his hearts, again I congratulate my countrymen from Kumru who are worry to serve even remotely. “he said.

The deputy Mustafa Hamarat, Ihsan Şener , 23th  Period Deputy Eyüp Fatsa, Yunus Arıncı, head of  Prime Ministry Inspection Board, Ahmet Ozkan, Kumru Governor, Ticabi  Civelek Kumru mayor and many bureaucrats as well as nearly thousand fellowmen living in Ankara joined to the nigh of   Kumru countrymen.