Open Letter to Obama

Open Letter to Obama

Mr. President,

I want you to know my intense sorrow
Due to the loss of your Ambassador and three employees in Libya
As a result of an atrocious terrorist attack
On September 11, 2012…

I think the target of the atrocious attack,
Will not be limited to your country..
For this reason, it would be more rational if you consider
What your attitude would mean for your country,
Our region and all around the world..
Although it is supposed to be a success in a short term
You should avoid attitudes that may make you, our region and the world lose
Which may destroy the peaceful environment
Within a medium and long-term ..
Do not consider the reactions in the Islamic world is limited to the provokes..
If almost all of the entire Islamic World is stood up
This is not only because of the burning of Koran and a cartoon or a movie ..
It manifests the responses that have been accumulated as the deepwater waves for years
Towards your country and to the west
Have acquired a global dimension ..
Analyze well the reasons beneath
The disproportion between the provocations and responses,
In the face of such a serious and grave provocations
The efforts of responsible leaders or authorized persons,
“The events are individual ” that trivializes the situation
“Freedom of expression,” to cover up,
Announces like “We cannot do anything ”
Which are evasive and away from responsibility
Makes the perception of
” Small parts of the organized study”,
” Support and corroborate the provocations “,
” An accomplice of the provocative actions “,
That enlarge the size of the situation and equalize it with the state and the society ..
As such, responses might not be limited to the individuals and,
Turn out to be collective anger when it is combined with the Prophet sensitiveness,
Into mass events and unintended consequences ..
If this perception of the world of Islam, were wrong
Wouldn’t it be a relief to edit the statements?
It should not be forgotten that great fires, consists of small sparks ..

The atrocious murder of your ambassador Stevens,
Can be incited by the film called Innocence of Muslims
May be an act of retaliation of al-Qaeda or Gaddafi supporters
Or could be made by someone unpredictable..
You should know very well that it was a terrorists attack,
They represent not Islam and Muslims, which means Peace
But they represent their own interests and ignorance ..
This time create a different approach in the face of the event ..
Do not offend the innocuous Muslims
Make up almost all of the Islamic world, ..
Stand against violence and terrorism .. Wishing for world peace and tranquility..
The attitude you maintain in the face of the event
Should not make those, who victimized your country, feel regret
Shouldn’t be put into a position where the history would convict you..

In the face of Pastor Terry Jones’ provocative action,
I would like to remind you that the penalty of burning the Koran, the Bible or the Torah
Is not only a 271 USD fine as in your country
But here it is a 4,5 year of imprisonment in accordance with Turkish Penal Code..
You should see the real target of the statement: “My true intention is provocation”
of the
“Innocence of Muslims’ producer is to create a Muslim-Christian conflict,
Listen to your conscience and act justly..
Do not let those who turn against Islam..
On the excuse of freedom of expression
Please state clearly that the movie of which even the producer stated that “ is a provocation”
Is not within the scope of freedom of expression,
You will immediately notice the positive reflections..

You should understand if a firm, clear stand is not taken on
Being respectful to the beliefs
This would be perceived as encouragement and support..

Please note those who endanger the global risks and future of humanity
In the name of their national interests..
Do not be deceived by drives, cunning tricks of the supporters of September 12th Coup
Please do not constitute the misguided policies which may
Cause a conflict between religions, cultures and civilizations..
Do not give opportunity to those whose aim is above mentioned..on the contrary,
Turn this opportunity to create a ground to the world peace..

Do not listen to those who hide his
Feelings, thoughts, suggestions between the lines,
Listen to those who set pen to paper openly, honestly..
With your attitude
Please those who are the true supporters of peace and tranquility
Not those who are the prone of violence and war
Do not make matters worse while trying to be helpful..

Even the name of the attitudes which ignore/will ignore
Religious, ethnic, sectarian, cultural etc. Sensitivities is called:
Arab spring; it is about to turn into Arab winter…
In case of the errors persist it may turn into an American winter in the near future..
You should be aware of the fact that
most of your unjustified and excessive reaction
As a response to 11th September attacks
Violated your image in world, especially in Islamic world..
Please do not do the same mistake again..
Show the world that being a global power doesn’t need to be a show of force.

Please be aware that everybody, every sector might be the target of terror..
In the United Nations General Assembly that is going to start on September 25,
Please describe the concept of terrorism,
Within the scope of “Agenda for Peace Settlement in Conflicts”
If you want to be more convincing,
Show your good faith by your actions not by your statements..

As in our Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdoğan statement
“If you look from the tip of the barrell you will see the enemy,
If you look from your heart you will sea a human being”..
Be the voice of the majority not the marginal ..