Mustafa Kurt Chairman of Capital Platform visited Goran Taskovski Ambassador of Macedonia

Mustafa Kurt Chairman of Capital Platform visited Goran Taskovski Ambassador of Macedonia

we want a world that respect to all religions and each language which we will have the opportunity to live in together with brotherhood.

Ankara (Civil Initiative) – Mustafa Kurt Chairman of Capital Platform visited Goran Taskovski Ambassador of Macedonia.
During the visit, the “exchange ideas” was made about which road should be followed to reach the road for peace and brotherhood between countries.
Ambassador Goran Taskovski also gave information about his country.
Goran; we have a very old historical background with Turkey, we were all together. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was born in Selanik. At that time Selanik was in Macedonian territory. He himself his parents, they were all born and live in Kocacık village in Macedonia. In Monastery village he has done a military coup and the work. In fact, all his plans for Turkey founded there. Therefore, city of monastery or current name “bitola” is referred to as the city of Ataturk.
I have been in Turkey for three years. We, as Macedonia have said the same thing to all the governments in rule so far. We want a world that respect to all religions and each language which we will have the opportunity to live in together with brotherhood. We always have it highlighted.
There are too many nationalities living in Macedonia jointly. Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Serbs, Bosniaks, Vlachs and we are living with all of them brotherly without having any problem. At the same time we share the land that Muslims and Christians live in a combination and also mosques and churches side by side. Macedonia; is a country where Turkish Macedonian, Albanian, all languages are spoken , each nation has television programs, radio programs, and the language of instruction of their own freely. At the same time there are minister and ministries. There are ministers and mayors of Albanian, Turkish origin.
Governments should see how we are an example and model country to the world, in living together.
Macedonia and Turkey had lived together for 550 years. Ottomans were ruling the Macedonian territory at those times. They never forced Macedonian language to be abolished in that 550 years. If they wanted, they could abolish it. But they didn’t do it, on the contrary they lived it with its cultures. They built churches. In that 550 years cultures are like combined bouquet, became close relatives. We have many similar cultures between the two countries; for example there are seven thousands of Turkish world in our language, many foods, cultural tools, our cultures are very similar to each others, almost intertwined.
But unfortunately after the Balkan war in 1918, Macedonia was divided. Some parts are given to Greece and Bulgaria. Macedonians over there were assimilated in Greece and Bulgaria. Macedonian culture and language had lived with Ottomans for 550 years. However Greece and Bulgaria managed to assimilate its language, religion and culture completely in 50 years. In a way Europe and the world tolerated this.
For this reason, said and shown principles of the European Union to the point of view of both Turkey and Macedonia fell into the water. Macedonia always does its policies of joint living regarding with culture and always brings it to the fore. But the European Union is ignoring it somehow.
On the contrary, while it was providing more support to other countries like Greece where more nationalist movement is, unfortunately they ignore us. As two brother countries we show this to the world. We show it as an example how the two brotherly countries come together, how they work, how they do their cultural exchange and commercial relations. Turkey recognizes Macedonia’s independence in 1990’s and became a supporter of Macedonia in every way and every platform. We know well that how much valuable this is, this give us power. How much Turkey is powerful we also gain that much power in international platform and speak louder.
We likewise work for the atmosphere of peace on Balkans in the long term. Because now the nations think of leaving history in the past, to continue their prospective work with a new page and we are trying to encourage this in the Balkans. He said…

Mustafa Kurt, chairman of the Capital Platform said that; esteemed ambassador Goran TASKOVSKI, I have an offer, in the near future I recommend to held a cultural activity meeting explains our common culture together as Capital platform. Ambassador Goran TASKOVSKI said; “with a great pleasure”.
KURT he continued; we are a civil initiative who do a versatile work for a peaceful world where Turks and people of the world live in peace and prosperity embracing the people of the whole world without doing any religious, linguistic, racial, sectarian and political views discrimination among the people.
We are the children of a civilization that throughout human history, people in Anatolia, the meeting point of civilizations and religions, despite their differences they have accepted it as their country’s greatest wealth and harmony and has managed to live together..

Capital Platform take “Let man live, live the state long” principle as its target, carries the consciousness and responsibility of being a non-governmental organization it compose of the people who has been aspired to work for the people of the whole world with this maxim.

I would like to thank Mr. Ambassador for being objective. This is a pacta sunt servanda, this is a human virtue and this is a taking trip down to God. My son is a businessman in the countries of Macedonia and Kosovo. He always says this on the phone; He says “ Dad, I am feeling myself as in Turkey. Your feelings and thoughts have already found life in Macedonian fraternity law. We are serving the understanding of “let live people, live state long” the heritage of our ancestors based on the human brotherhood. In fact we are all guests in this world and the world is enough big for all. The creatures of the space are not coming and eating up us, unfortunately we gnaw at ourselves. In universal law and all monotheistic religions, people’s property, lives, honor, languages, religions, colors are free. In this sense, people’s thoughts, ideas, colors, cultures, languages should be seen as a cultural richness.

Mr. Ambassador as you said Ottomans managed this but nowadays savage capitalism is sucking the blood of people. Global powers are coming without considering the sensitivity and the values and unfortunately make people fight each other. But one day, for love, peace, brotherhood rhetoric, human dignity and struggle will overcome all of them. We can provide this with love and peace.
He said we believe that;
Happy families from happy individuals,
Happy communities of happy families,
Happy states of happy society,
Happy world of happy state occurs.