Invitation from Saadet Party to the prime minister to return to “father’s...

Invitation from Saadet Party to the prime minister to return to “father’s home”

1- In many parts of the world tears and blood are shed; in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya and now in Iraq, Syria and Arakan women, children, elder people and in short human beings are being slaughtered. Muslims in these countries are in a very hard situation. What should be done in order to stop these oppressions?

All people without any exception have the right to leave in just and peaceful world.

There is space and benediction in this world for every person.

However millions of people today live without shelter, home and country as refugees because of the racist, imperialist and colonialist West; and millions of people are starving.

It is a pity that all their policies are based on exploitation, oppression and destruction.

As you have stated in the beginning, wherever you see smokes raising it is a Muslim country.

Wherever you hear cries it is Muslim land.

Wherever blood is shed and there are tears, it is the Muslim geography.

Wherever there is occupation, it is a Muslim land.

Here is Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and now Arakan. Unfortunately Muslims are being slaughtered systemically since many years in Arakan. In 1942, more than 150 thousand Muslims were slaughtered only in 40 days. As a result they have become a minority now. Their only crime is being Muslim; they are being punished severely for this crime.

However we are familiar with this scenario. We have watched this film many times before.

However we are familiar with this scenario. We have watched this film many times before.

They are doing in Arakan exactly the same thing they did in Bosnia, Palestine, Moro, and in Kashmir.

What is the solution then? It is the Islamic Union. As long as you do not establish the Islamic Union, and unite the powers of the Muslim countries, you will not find a solution. All these events showed that Muslims’ only friends are again Muslims.

Then how will this be achieved? If you will it, you can do it. You remember during our government of “Refahyol” in 1996 we established the D-8 Organization. We united Egypt and Iran, which did not even have diplomatic relations, around the same table. This was an achievement of “Milli Görüş” (National View).

2- What are your remarks regarding the foreign policy of the current government especially in regards to Syria, and their strategies in Middle East and Mid-Asia?

We think they follow a wrong path. When the events in Northern Iraq first occurred we warned the government saying they followed a wrong path. We told them not to trust the words of US and Israel. Our remarks later proved to be right. We made the same warning also for Syria. Now Turkey has faced a new dangerous situation similar to Northern Iraq, namely the Northern Syria.

We struggled from the very beginning to warn Turkey. We visited Syria when no one dared to. We met with President Asad and his officials. Then we met with our officials. We warned them all. We said “the global imperialism wants to draw Turkey into a war. If Turkey enters such a war it will be divided, which is actually what these actors aim. Global imperialism’s first goal is to draw Turkey into this war and then divide it. The final objective of global imperialism is to establish the great state of Israel. According to Jewish religion the borders of this state extends from Nile to Euphrates, most of which is now in Turkey. Turkey should beware of such plans. Turkey plans external operations to overcome terror problem; they plan operations to Qandil Mountain in Northern Iraq. However the global imperialists do not permit such operation. On the other hand each day we hear news of martyrs. This should be stopped. We clearly state that the only solution is Milli Görüş and Saadet Party. We must return to our history, values and national policy.

3- What is your opinion regarding the Parliament writing a new constitution? Do you believe the parties at the parliament will be able to write a new constitution, which will satisfy the whole society?

I would like to answer your question briefly: No I don’t. I wish they could but the current parliament is not able to write a new constitution. A new constitution could be written by focusing on the common points not the ideological concerns. Unfortunately the current parliament is formed of parties focusing on ideological concerns. Constitutions are social contracts. Everyone should be able to find themselves in this contract. It should be “our constitution”, not “my constitution”.

How will this be achieved? First of all the foundation of the constitution should be the human rights. All other articles should be based on human rights. Every individual, while reading the new text, should be able to say “this article addresses me”. Constitution is common for the whole society and is a legal rule binding everyone. Every citizen should be able to adopt the constitution.

4- We all know that there is a close contact between AK Party and HAS Party, and you know that HAS Party will be joining AK Party soon. Leaders coming from the same tradition are uniting under the same umbrella. Have you been invited for such a unity? What are your remarks regarding the unity between AK Party and HAS Party? What will your Party’s position be at this stage?

The home for all these groups is the Saadet Party. You know that late Erbakan passed away as the chairman of Saadet Party. Therefore this is the home. Doors of the home party are never closed to the sons. Our arms and doors are open to all our brothers. If we receive an invitation from AK Party we would reply “return to your father’s home. This is the address; Saadet Party is your home”.

As for Mr. Numan Kurtulmuş’s plans to join AK Party; it is his decision. I would like to say that what Mr. Kurtulmuş was originally planning was to take Milli Görüş movement to AK Party, this was his aim, but Allah Almighty did not permit this to happen. This is the case.

Thank you.