Invetments in Kyrgzstan will Improve our Synergy

Invetments in Kyrgzstan will Improve our Synergy

Ambassador of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan Ibragim Dzhunusov visited Kayseri together with the Capital Platform General Chairman, Honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan Dr. Mustafa Kurt.. The development of commercial and cultural relations between the two countries and possible investments in Kyrgyzstan were discussed during the visit.

Kayseri (Non Governmental) – Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan Ibragim Dzhunusov and Honorary Kyrgyzstan Kayseri Consul Dr. Mustafa Kurt went to Kayseri to watch the football tournament traditionally held between students from Kyrgyzstan each year and that was held in Kayseri this year; they came together with Governor Orhan Düzgün, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Celik, Chairman of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Mahmut Hiçyılmaz, KAYDERS Chairman Zeliha Köksal, Erciyes University Rector Prof. Fahrettin Keleştimur and discussed the development of bilateral relations between the countries.
Governor Orhan Düzgün “We are pleased to host the traditional tournament of the Kyrgyz”
During his first visit to Kayseri Governor Orhan Düzgün, Ambassador Ibragim Dzhunusov stated that “traditional football tournament made in your city and with the participation of Kyrgyz students confirms the unity and cooperation between our countries” by expressing his satisfaction.
Governor Orhan Düzgün said for approximately 400 students studying in Turkey since 1998, sports contests have been held “This year we are hosting the tournaments in Kayseri. We are extremely happy to host this football tournament. I hope to be together with you for various reasons in the process of this competition.”

In order to commemorate the visit, Düzgün gave an imitation of a vase that was found during the archaeological excavations in Kültepe as a gift to the Ambassador Dzhunusov, Dzhunusov gave a hand-embroidered headgear and robe that are worn by important people in Kyrgyzstan to the Governor Düzgün.

Minister o National Defense Yilmaz, came together at a dinner with the Ambassador Dzhunusov before his program in Sivas…
Milli Savunma Bakanı İsmet Yılmaz, Governor, Orhan Düzgün, Ambassador İbragim Dzhunusov and Honorary Consul of Turkey Mustafa Kurt met for dinner in Kayseri.
Minister Yılmaz, hearing that Ambassador of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan İbragim Dzhunusov are being together with the Governor Orhan Düzgün, during his phone call, gave a short break on his route to Sivas from Ankara.
Minister Yılmaz welcomed by the Governor Düzgün, Deputy Governors Mehmet Emin Avcı ve Mustafa Masatlı in Anadolu Harikalar Diyarı, came together with Ambassador of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan İbragim Dzhunusov and Honorary Consul of Turkey Mustafa Kurt.
After having conversation with the guest Ambassador and Kyrgyzstan Honorary Consul of Turkey Mustafa Kurt for a while and learned the details of their program in Kayseri, Yılmaz shared his memories on his official visits to Kyrgyzstan with them.

Following the meeting Minister Yilmaz moved to Sivas to attend his official program.
Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Celik “We have to improve our relations in all fields, especially in economy”
Ambassador of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan Ibragim Dzhunusov also visited the Metropolitan Municipality and suggested that, a hometown from Kyrgyzstan would be “ TWIN TOWNS” with Kayseri.
Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik expressed his satisfaction with the visit by saying that, “Such visits help the consolidation of brotherhood, friendship . Moreover I am glad to meet with such a friendly, sympathetic ambassador who hasn’t got the cold side of diplomacy in himself. I hope his smiling face, would be reflected in our relationships between the two countries, so that we could promote cooperation in all fields including the economy”.
Dzhunusov gave a gave a hand-embroidered robe to Çapan during his visit.
Chairman of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Mahmut Hiçyılmaz “We want to increase the trade volume”

Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic Ibragim Dzhunusov, visited the Chairman of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce (KTO) President Mahmut Hiçyılmaz in his office and had conversation on “Possible investment areas in Kyrgyzstan”.
During the visit, the KTO President Mahmut Hiçyılmaz reminded the fact that the Kayseri Chamber of Commerce is the largest non-governmental organization in Kayseri, by stating: ” we have around 17 thousand of members, 40 professional committees. In addition, we have 3 organized industrial zones and 1 free zone. We are working hard on to make significant inroads in the field of tourism as well as developing the industry.”
Hiçyılmaz, indicating that trade relations with Turkey and Kyrgyzstan is not at the desired level at the present, continued as follows:

“The trade volume between Turkey and Kyrgyzstan is not even $ 500 million. It is around 420 million dollars, we’re exporting to you, importing goods around 66 million dollars from you. We should mutually pay more attention to arise the trade volume. As the Kayseri Chamber of Commerce we are ready to conduct mutual activities in accordance with our members”.
POOR CHILDREN were brought to the agenda during the visit at KAYDERS…
Ambassador of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan Ibrahim Dzhunusov and the Kyrgyz Republic Kayseri Honorary Consul Dr. Mustafa Kurt visited Kayseri Training, Rehabilitation, Arts, Culture and Solidarity Association (KAYDERS) and received information about the studies that are being conducted there.
Students of KAYDERS met the delegation with smiling faces and carnations in their with little hands..
During the visit, İbrahim Dzhunusov stated as follows; “Thank you very much for inviting us here. I know very well about how to teach because I have experience in this regard because I worked as a lecturer at the university. Teaching is a great responsibility”.
Dzhunusov also said that he had a hard life when he was young, “After finishing school, I worked in a Cleaning Services for a year before college. I am a successful person in my life. I served as a Deputy Prime Minister, two terms in Parliament; I have been the Minister of Culture and Tourism Minister twice. Those children could be very successful with your help in Turkey in the future. It is in your hands “.
The KAYDERS Chairman Zeliha Koksal stated, “As you can see, these children are poor children. If a policy is going to be made, it needs to be determined in accordance with the demands of those who are in need and to poor. We define our policy by taking their needs into consideration. We have concerns to grow these children as individuals who are useful for humanity as KAYDERS. We are suffering for these children. I also want you to share their suffering with us”.
Erciyes University Rector Prof. Fahrettin Keleştemur “We may collaborate with scientists in Kyrgyzstan”
Ambassador Dzhunusov and Consul Dr. Mustafa Kurt then visited Erciyes University Rector Prof. Fahrettin Keleştemur in his chamber and talked about the future of science world with him.

During the visit, Rector Keleştemur convey information about Erciyes University to the guest Ambassador . “We may come together with scientists in Kyrgyzstan and conduct joint studies together” he said

Ambassador Dzhunusov; I worked at a university for 27 years, 5 years as a dean, I also served as the vice-rector and rector . I worked as a deputy prime minister, parliamenterian. If it is appropriate to you let us make a research in Kyrgyzstan Universities to make a cooperation with a protocol with your university.

KURT; “We have realized approximately 100 activities within a year”

Dr.Mustafa Kurt; I am the Honorary Kyrgyzstan- Kayseri Consul and Chairman of Capital City Platform.. We have been serving at a national and an international level with the motto “let live the human being so that the state will alive”.

Mr. Ambassador Ibragim Dzhunusov has only been here for six months. I have many Ambassador friends in Ankara . But we are safe to say that; H.E. Dzhunusov has conducted activities that can be possible with 6-year study only in 6 months. I congratulate Mr. Ambassador here, before you. Turkic world has lost a lot because of the conditions in the past years years. We have performed close to 100 operations in one year to close this gap. Half of them took place in Turkey and the other half took place in Kyrgyzstan. We underline an example within our people-oriented activities; there are three derivatives which in a sense are similar; plants, animals and humans. Three of which are, to eat, to drink and to die. What distinguishes people from animals and plants (the service and works of human beings.) The most beautiful task among these works is to train people. People become immortal with what they left. Our ancestors, ancestors left traces in history, they did not eat and drink only. Hopefully if we act together with this awareness we will build a nice peaceful, livable world in the future. Mr. Ambassador has a remark; Kyrgyzstan has a red flag, that has sun on it. Turkey has also a flag that is red, which has moon and star on it. Half of the there is the sun and half of it passes with moon and star. Turkey-Kyrgyzstan will illuminate the world for 24 hours. Nowadays, especially when we need Peace and Brotherhood most, I hope the mutual friendship between Kyrgyzstan- Turkey would be an example to the mankind the world would attain peace.

Prof. Fahrettin Keleştemur ; We are brother countries, we came from there. I am extremely happy to see you here. Now we are able to go between our countries that was not possible in the past. We organize mutual visits, meetings. World has been losing the humanity within, and has been damaged by the monsters it has created. Environmental pollution, for instance, is getting huge. We are the ones who can solve all these devastation. Because we inherit from our civilization. In fact in order to reflect it, we need to be strong. Today, strength is based on produce knowledge, being an information society. We need to cooperate with you in this regard. We need to compound our scientific power and benefit the other places and information in the world.

In order to commemorate the visit, H.E. Ambassador Dzhunusov gave a whip and a calpac to Rector Keleştimur as presents.