Greece is Regarded As Riskier Than Syria

Greece is Regarded As Riskier Than Syria

International investors regards Greece more risky than Syria in terms of investment.
According to the survey done with more than a thousand companies’ finance directors in consultation with international scope in 14 countries by the financial consulting company BDO, the slowdown in the global economy and the euro zone debt problem are seen as the biggest risks for the investor.

The first two countries regarded as the most risky in the survey conducted the 3rd one this year are Iran and Iraq, while Greece took the 3rd place. Syria, Libya, Nigeria, Spain, Egypt, Russia and Yemen supervened upon.

China took first place regarded as ” opportunity” among the countries by international investors as in the previous surveys. This country was followed by the U.S., Brazil, India and Germany.

According to the survey CIVETS countries regarded as alternatives including Turkey (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, and South Africa), to BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries.
Greece Trying to Economize in Energy Consumption (Isınmada tasarruf yapmak?)Asked for 100 thousand Stoves From Turkey
Harun Dikici the Vice President of the Board of Foreign Affairs of the site”” center which is located in Konya said in a statement, they receive huge demand of stoves especially from Greece for the approaching winter.
Dikici said that ” Greece is experiencing the most difficult days in its history in terms of economy. It is encouraged to use the stove for heating in the winter months in the country where even the private aircrafts of state are on sale. This is for reducing the costs of imported inputs. In this context works being done on this manner serve most to the Turkish manufacturer of stoves.
By underlying the fact that the they received too much stove demand from the neighbor country after the Greek government’s encouraging the use of the stove, Dikici said:

” We share the demands of the stove with member firms. Over the last month we received a demand for approximately 100 thousand stove from the10 different points in Greece. Turkish stove manufacturers struggling to meet the demands. By the heavy number of stoves from he the neighbor it is understood that Greece is experiencing a return to the past to save money on heating. There is no doubt that the stove manufacturers are the most profitable ones. We learn from the talks we have done with the players in the industry they have difficulty in constructing stoves to Greece. ”

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