For instance we said ..

For instance we said ..

Democracy comes from a Greek word Demos-public,
And kratos-management ..
Glossary / Dictionary meaning is particular
The public administration ..
Term / the simplest terminological meaning is:
Democracy is the answer of the question
“What is the form of government?”
Accordingly, .. How are we governed?
Good, bad or so so?
How much is it related, connected to democracy?
Is your answer o this question full of questions?
Are you not optimistic at all? In that case,
“Can those who say “for instance” to get out of the issue?”
Get really out of the issue just by saying so?
By quickly addressing any other solution
And assigning the issue there?
Republic, comes from Arabic ..
Dictionary / lexical meaning of it is community, the majority..
The term / terminological meaning of it is the regime of the majority..
The regime shaped by the representatives chosen by the community..
The best description of the expression is,
It is the answer to the question of “Who governs?”

The fact is so and the verbal expression is as mentioned..
Did you say where is the place of the public, the community in this regime?
Do you have intense and serious concerns on this subject?
Although you seem to choose those who represent you,
Do you think you are governed by the administrators chosen by others?
Even though you seem to shape the management,
Are you one of those who don’t think so?
And think that the rulers look down on those who are being ruled,
As if they are at the top of the Mountain Kaf
And turn their nose up at those who brought them up there..
Those who forget about the existence of their being there
and believe the cause of their being there is for other reasons ..
Are you one of those who believe that you are considered
when it is the time of urgency, pardon me, the time of elections
and forgotten up until the time of next elections?
Are you one of those who believe that
The regime is operating or being operated
Not in accord with what is said..
In short, are you one of those
Who believe that you’re being operated and so is pessimistic?
For those who doesn’t take those who think as is mentioned above serious
And say: “We have said for instance”
Let’s make a warning that sounds like a joke:
“Attention! Bottom waves are coming!”
In the philosophy of law, logic of the regime,
The system, mentality, essence
Are important rather than regime ..
The fine line between development and the
Immaturity is important here ..
Indication of under-development or backwardness,
To distract the wording and to dally with the
Words of the work and the system..
When the original-the basis of the system is reached, the core is reached,
Those who have no depth, accumulation,
no richness to find out solution come to light..
After a few clear sips, sediment begins to come,
You cannot continue to drink ..
However, is it same with a genuine source?
When you start drinking, one with more mineral and vitamin comes out..
Clearer and purer one comes out
That you wouldn’t stop drinking..

If those who cannot find solutions when they have to face with a problem
Regards laws and the regime are the only reasons
They shouldn’t be taken into consideration much..
Of course they have their certain share within the problems
But, the greatest problem is those who blame the laws, regime,system
Rather than trying to find out the solutions by themselves.

A Far Eastern proverb says that,
“If the leader is good no need for a law there!
If the leader is bad, no need for a the law there either! ”
Another saying: “Good law gives poor results in the hands of bad managers,
Bad laws give better results in the hands of good managers”
Is the final point how much you try to find any other results..
In short, the gist: Source and solutions of problems are knotted in
“Adequate” or “poor” leaders ..
The address in solving the node is
“Conscious community” ..

Now let’s go back ..
Now you decide if they would find solutions or bring much trouble..
Those who have no ability to see the source of problems,
Who are inadequate to find solutions to
The core of the issues..
Rather than producing mourning, the laws should produce solutions/joys..!