Fight against terrorism and the new period

Fight against terrorism and the new period

On the agenda of the newly elected parliament’s at the election process on June 12, priority was given first to new civilian constitution then to solution of the Kurdish problem. However, PKK taking the decision of inaction as a result of the negotiations before the election overturned after the election then struggle was supposed to continue to through a new understanding of the concept for the fight against terrorism but old-fashioned way was sustained. This is more of struggle in the fight against terrorism also observed since 1983.
However, evaluating the domestic and international developments, PKK actions are seen to be carried out on the basis of these concepts the point reached every day shows that fighting within the borders of the National Pact looses highly the power of PKK terrorist organization.
Considering the fact that terrorist organization receives support from our neighbors as well as the European states fight against PKK should be evaluated in this concept and a new strategy should be taken.
On the fight against PKK terrorist organization developments in the environment of Turkey and the world must be taken into account. When recent terrorist events were evaluated PKK taking the support of governments and groups that share the same philosophy in Iran and Syria increases its actions in Turkey. It is obvious that staying within the boundaries of the National Pact to fight with them doesn’t solve the issue. For this reason, the way out of the struggle with success;

1 – The Parliament should express clearly to prepare civilian and democratic constitution and throw the necessary steps to accomplish this. This will establish confidence in the society for the parliament and the parliament will reinforce the belief to finish terrorism.

2 – Communication channels should be effectively used to resolve the problem after taking into consideration the demands of Kurds in a structure that will not disrupt the national unity and integrity

Turks and Kurds lived together since 11th and 12th centuries, formed ties of relationships and married with each other. The properties required for being a nation as the unity of language culture, land, religion and economic life are present. Two communities has completed five basic elements of this combination just mentioned above. These values consist a nation over the system. Turks and Kurds who live together in a time of over a thousand years, have inseparable cultural, economic and religious unity. 90% of the Kurdish people does not support terrorist organization as a result of People’s life in a nation.

This is the end of those who want to destroy our union and weaken my country despite being aware of all these efforts will end in disappointment. As a government, all the requirements of living human life within the borders of the National Pact should be provided to all citizens in the past, the work of compensating errors in the past account should be put into action even more quickly.

3- After recent attacks it became obvious that solution within the boundaries of the National Pact is a waste of time.

While the state government having the executive right of everyone is approaching Turkmen (Iraq, Syria, Iran) brothers, sisters and relatives with understanding the same approach should be demonstrated to Kurds living in our neighbors and the sincerity must be exhibited.
Democratic and cultural rights should be not only among Kurds living in Turkey but also the Kurds living in our neighbors.

For this reason, when we look at the happenings around terror card can be seen that played on Turkey as a result of Iran’s loneliness in the west developments in Syria. whether it is Iraq, Iran or Syria terrorist tricks will continue to be played.

Therefore, It is time for Turkey to fight against terrorism out of the boundaries of the National Pact, not only inside. The way to cease the support of foreign countries to terrorist organization in the world working to implement actions based on changing concepts is to struggle outside the national boundaries in a strategic way.

If necessary important steps must be taken to prevent terrorism coming from neighbor countries through continued international relations, buffer zones and efforts must be declared all over the world. It is understood that the terror can be diminished by only this way.