“Everything for the homeland, everything for Turkey”

“Everything for the homeland, everything for Turkey”

New York (Non Governmental Initiative) – A demonstration to show support to the government for the Taksim Gezi Park events was organized at New York, USA. The demonstrated cheered “the homeland cannot be divided and we will not let you bring Tayyip Erdoğan down”.

A demonstration was organized at the Foley Square in New York to “correct the false Turkey image created among Americans” and show support to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The citizens gathered at Foley Square known as the law square of New York and cheered “the homeland cannot be divided and we will not let you bring Tayyip Erdoğan down”.
Big participation from surrounding states …
The crowd gathered at Foley Square in Manhattan and cheered slogans towards the continuation of the stability of Turkey and the undividable unity. New York Police Department did not allow carrying of banners with wooden sticks due to security measures. Participation was huge from surrounding states to the demonstration organized by “Everything for Turkey Platform”.
Everything for the homeland, everything for Turkey …
Turks from various states cheered carrying Turkish flags and carrying posters and chanting “everything for the homeland, everything for Turkey”.
Call to CNN to end provocative and partial broadcasts
The speakers expressed their fury to international media and especially CNN, and claimed that new plots were set against Turkey. Halil İbrahim Danışmaz, coordinator of the Everything for Turkey Platform, criticized CNN’s policy towards Gezi Park events and said “we make a call especially to CNN to end its partial and provocative broadcast about the Taksim events”.
Danışmaz mentioned that the demonstrations that started for environmental concerns is now far from its original objective of the first day. Claiming that the foreign powers are provoking the demonstrations in Gezi Park, Danışmaz said; “Those who aim to create a chaotic atmosphere by changing the objective of the demonstrations give us the impression that they are extensions of an international plot organized by those who are unease at the economic growth of Turkey”.
Black Wreath before the CNN Building …
Following the demonstration, a group of Turkish citizens left a black wreath before the CNN building in New York to protest the channel. The groups cheered “liar CNN”, “do not falsely introduce Turkey” for a while and then left the black wreath and the banners before the gate and left.


Turks of Balkans met at the demonstration in the city of Gostivar in Macedonia to show their support to PM Erdoğan.

A demonstration to show support to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was held at Gostivar with the participation of some Turkish NGOs and political parties in Macedonia together with Turks from Kosovo, Bulgaria and Albania.
Spokesperson of the Capital City Platform for Kosovo and Balkans Uğurhan Kurt said although the Gezi Park events seem to have occurred due to environmentalist concerns, the current point of the demonstrations is sorrowful and thought provoking.

Turkey has finished its debt to IMF and now is on the position of lending loan to the IMF.

Turkey is about to finalize its fight with terror and will no more spend any resources to fight terror as it spent 500 billion USD so far.

As the inheritor of the Ottoman Empire, the Republic of Turkey has lifted visas with many countries and is following a new foreign policy.

Friendship and brotherhood ties have been carried further with Turkic Republics, Balkans and the Islamic countries.

Shortly, as a result;

The steps taken by Turkey during the last decade first to become a regional and then a global power has made some countries uncomfortable.

Therefore Turkey is trying to be weakened.

Secretary General of the Turkish Democratic Party (TDP) Enver Hüseyin said they were annoyed with demonstrators distancing from environmentalist concerns and targeting PM Erdoğan directly.

Enver Hüseyin said they followed the marginal actions staged at different cities of Turkey recently with a big concern and added they organized this demonstration in Gostivar to protest the events and show the support of Turks living in Macedonia to PM Erdoğan.

Demonstration of support to Erdoğan in Hungary
A demonstration to show support to PM Erdoğan was organized in Budapest.
Demonstrations are being held in different parts of the world to show support to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Budapest hosted one of these demonstrations for the second time. Turks living in different cities of Hungary met in Budapest’s Heroes Square to show their support to PM Erdoğan.
The group, mentioning that the Gezi Park events have damaged Turkey’s vision, made a press release of 27 articles.
Osman Şahbaz, Chairman of the Turkish-Hungarian Businessmen Association stated that the Gezi Park events have now moved to an ideological dimension. Şahbaz said that criticizing a government, which has won three elections in a row and received fifty percent of the votes as being “authoritarian” was unjust and a distortion”.
The demonstrators also criticized attitudes of some international media groups towards the events. The demonstration ended peacefully.