Equation of happiness

Equation of happiness

The way to feel more the existing absolute happiness and to live along with it more and longer is not to pursuit it like drug addicts with never ending passion and greed, but to develop our material and spiritual gadgets to the best which would enable us to perceive it better.

I started my article called “Human Being Beyond Isms” by saying that “Human beings pursuit happiness continually without stopping”. I analyzed the relationship between happiness and ideologies and promised that I would analyze the relationship between religion and that issue in another article. Now it is the time.
Happiness is described as “the state of proud arising from full achievement of desires”. I wonder if it is so.

Happiness never means to achieve complete desires and aims and doesn’t mean permanent retention of it. As usual, I will content with an explanation rather than etymologic assessment by saying happiness in Turkish (mutluluk) derives from the word mut that means an object (whatever it is) that is won without working for it), Arabic of which is said, Latin of which is felix: Happiness is an absolute abstract asset outside of us. Unhappiness occur when we neither perceive nor feel the state of happiness. Happiness and unhappiness are just like sun and the darkness. A rise in perceiving one means a reduction in perceiving the other. For this reason, we hear sentences like “I’m very happy”, or “I’m very unhappy”. Is it possible to rate happiness or unhappiness? I mean, is it possible to be a little happy, happy or very happy?
This kind of rating does not exist in happiness itself. Yet we should not forget the fact that this is a momentarily feeling. It is transient and might give place to something else. The rate of feeling the happiness depends directly on our moral values and physical working capacity of our five senses. This is a similar situation with the state of lashes covering the eye pupil block brightness of sun a little or completely. This is why we make rating for happiness. But rating the happiness never gives harm to the absolute happiness, it never reduce nor increase its ratio. Even when we don’t feel it from time to time, it continues to exist outside of us absolutely.

Happiness is so absolute that there is no matter if the gadgets in human being are open only a little or if the human being is in a state of pain because of a illness or is insecure (security is different than safety). For instance, even all security precautions were taken for a mafia boss in Colombia dealing with guns, drugs and women, he still might not feel safe, and even if there were no security precautions Prophet of Islam, predicting what might happen to him, would feel himself safe at a cave he was trapped in with Abu Bakr. He might achieve happiness even he might feel it a lot. Indeed sometimes people in physical pain and insecurity, express their happiness or even they did not tell we have all been witnessed the happiness in their eyes.
So, let’s have a look at how the states of happiness occur in almost all religions. Among the gadgets possessed by human beings, there is no doubt that mind and memory come before anything else that effect the feeling of absolute happiness. Man, because of his mind and memory, sometimes not so, sometimes slightly, sometimes greatly becomes happy. Here, knowing how to use the mind is important. The number of games that mind might play for those who cannot use their minds is unfathomable. Sometimes it is needed to use the mind correctly and sometimes it is needed to know how to avoid from it. Mind means a leg iron mounted on the front feet of the camels avoid them escape or derange the caravan. Mind in human being has a similar function with the leg iron according to religions. So, the leg iron that is attached to human being for not to lose himself by obeying only his senses is called “mind” and those who lose his mind and himself completely is called crazy. As this person runs and keeps moving like a headless chicken and doesn’t know his destiny, it is safe to say that he is at an animal category.
Mind and memory affect human being in two aspects: Directions of past and future. The right side of the time prison, that we call the moment, is the past time. Left side is the future. Memory causes a false impression of the moment as if it is expanding to the past by making the right side pellucid. As to the mind does the same thing by making the left side pellucid and causing a false impression of expanding the moment to the future. The moment is a prison of time for two reasons:

Past has been ended. Human being cannot touch the events happened at past, he cannot live them again, cannot affect them, even if he wants to reach them, he hits the wall that became transparent because of the memory and so became invisible and even from time to time it pretences itself false. Sometimes even hits the wall showing different history and become aware of its existence.
The future has not come yet. Even it is unknown if the future could come. Human being cannot know the events that are going to happen in the future or even if he knows, he cannot touch them from his present moment, he cannot live them beforehand, affect them, even if he wants to reach out, he hits the wall that became transparent because of mind and becomes aware of its existence.

Here, by means of mind and memory, human being avoids being crazy with the transparency of the strong walls of the moment jail. This is a blessing according to all religions. Besides these benefits of mind and the memory, they also have a side that prevents an absolute feeling of happiness. This side also bitters the taste of the moment. Namely, the memory transfers the events, sorrows, regrets started and ended in the past consistently. It ensures and pesters them. Mind brings together the concerns about future to the present moment and before their arrival it weakens the taste of the present moment. As it is not possible to take out the memory and the mind, human being is forced to sustain life with games of mind. If human being could be similar to animals that have different mind and memory, the taste of the moment would not be spoiled by neither the sorrows of the past, nor by the concerns of the future and he could live the most possible pleasure that could be received from the moment, as animals do. But as the human being (except for old and new methods of deleting the memory and the states of being drunk, opiumed, negligence as in the short story “the Governor of Nanki. The Dream of a Drunk”of Li Gongzuo (778-848) who lived in China in the 9th century) is not an animal who puts aside its mind and memory and is being forced to live with the mind and the memory all the pleasures he might take in are deteriorating very quickly and causes to inadequate feeling of absolute happiness.
At this point, being aware of the games of the mind and memory’s effort of feeling happiness will become essential for human being. This is the resignation according to religions. In other words, trusting not to himself nor his mind and memory but to a superior power. It means referring whatever happened in the past, what is happening at the present and what is going to happen in the future to that power and being consent about them. That’s the secret to happiness. Love which is the elixir of happiness is the consent itself. It means to be content with everything comes from Maşuk(sweet heart).

One of the conditions that make it hard or prevent the feeling of happiness from time to time is related directly to the concern of future time. This means to set up aims that concern he himself, his social surroundings. Today’s society, by saying that “your resources are really endless and you may become whatever you want to” convince human being firstly that limits of his capabilities is endless and raise him with the belief of freedom is essential, he can attain more, he should strain his limits. During the situations ended with sadness resulting from inability to reach the target and missing the target, reckon with fate and conflicts emerge frequently. This conflict prevents human being feel the happiness, surrounding himself.. Because whatever will be never will be and the human being is expected to make it happen no matter what. Briefly if to set a goal means to realize it no matter what happens, this would be the main reasons of frustration and unhappiness. Probably you have heard the following sentence: “Having a goal means having the seed of fate in the hands” However, for the realization of the goals, only a very insignificant part of thousands of necessary factors is reachable by the human being who has set the goal. The majority of them is laid down ready in front of him. In this regard, the large shareholder of the realization of the objectives is fortune (French (Heureux, bonheur, heure are derived from the Latin word augurium. This means the prosperity done by God), the words expressing happiness English (happiness) and German (Glück), means fortune, luck, fertility as well). The way out of this jeopardy situation according to religions is: There is no reason for a human being to become miserable and unhappy who live out his life to accomplish all short, medium and long-term objectives and they are not realized. Because the main objective of human being should not be to fulfil his aims but to struggle for them.
In short, the way to feel more the existing absolute happiness and to live along with it more and longer is not to pursuit it like drug addicts with never ending passion and greed, but to develop our material and spiritual gadgets to the best which would enable us to perceive it better.