Turkey-Spain Joint Declaration of Intergovernmental Summit

Turkey-Spain Joint Declaration of Intergovernmental Summit

From the declaration: It is said that Turkey and Spain condemn vigorously Syrian regime attack on civil people without doing any discrimination including barrel bombs and usage of siege and hunger as war weapon.

Joint declaration is issued after Turkey- Spain 5th intergovernmental summit which is held under the presidency of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

At the decleration which is on Prime Ministry Information Center internet site, it is remembered that Intergovermental summit meeting between Turkey and Spain is being held regularly from the first organization in İstanbul on April 5, 2009.

At the declaration which is stated the importance that the parties approved to further strenghten bilateral relationsapproved by the Parties annually, it is stressed thatit created useful and effective platform to review the cooperation of summit meetings and to negotiate common efforts in the future.

At the declaration which the importance of cooperation pointed out between the Parliaments it is said that mutual visit of the delegations of the parliament held between Turkey and Spain recently in the context of the Exchange and Dialogue project between the Parliaments agreed to have a new impetus.

Under “European Union” heading of the declaration, it is said that Spain renewed its support and undertaking on Turkeys accreation to EU : There was these statements in the declaration:” The parties welcome the opening of a new heading in accession negotiations and express their support to accelarate Turkey-EU aimed at the opening of  additional headings depending on residing executions and accession negotiations the conditions.The Parties , at the same time, welcome the signing of Turkey-EU readmission agreement and initiating dialogue of towards freedom of visa.The Parties, also, agreed on using all oppourtunities and rehicles presented by accession process such as joint syncronzation programs, scientific and technical researches, academic and institutional exchanges.

-Counter terrorism and cooperation in internal affairs

In the declaration, it is specifical that the Parties comdemned vigorously all kinds and epiphany of terrorism  since it is the most serious  threat against peace and security everywhere. In the declaration, it is stated that reasswonce of institutions orianted strengthening of cooperations in all levels and forums struggling with terrorism and its financial means, is conveyed in this context the reality is; it  is the main financial service of international offense nett, financial crimes, launder the money, drug and huma smuggling activities and system depuding  on these is underlined.

In the declaration, the statement “ The Parties reminded the importance of increasing dual cooperation proved by the first meeting of Turkey Spain Joint   Comittee hold in Ankara in March 2009, it is forwarded that they have agreed on further strenghtening the cooperation in this field provided that especially carry about knowledge exchange and operational framework.

In the declaration, it is stated that there is need for dual coordination in widening of discourses against figthning  violent extremism and radicalism including multilateral cooperation in the framework of United Nations and Fightning with Terrorism Global Forum of Turkey and Spain.

Economy and Trade

Under the heading of Economy and trade heading of the decleration, the pleasure about recent rapid incrase in trade and economic relations is stated.In the decleration, that both sides pleasure due to tho dual investment flow is said, in this context it is proclaimed that they have decided to cotinue to courage the companie to do reseaches the opportunites.

The assesment is made in the decleration which the strenghtening of coperations in the third markets and the wills on utilising the trade experiences from dfferen regions of the world mentioned the Parties have determined priority areas of financial services for more cooperation, transportatin,automotive, renewable energy,environmental technologies, defence industry,construction sector as priority areas nd state-private sector cooperation.

-Industry, Transportation-Infrastructure

In the explanation stressing on the agreement about the industriesare the lafe vessels of economies and so  thay had to be improved, ıt is stated that examination of cooperation possibilities in the fields of defence areas, automation, renewable energy and environmental technologies.

In the declaration under the “Transportation and Infrastructure heading these statemenets have been used:

They expressed their appreciaton of the participation in high speed train and other important transportation and infrastructure projects in Turkey, educational programs improved by Spanish and Turkish state railway institutions.

The Parties gave priority to Marmaray Project one of the worlds largest infrastructurre which has a symbolic importancas a perfect example of cooperation between Turkey and Spain.

The Parties expressed their will to continue to work closely both in high speed conventional rail transport and sea transportation, logistic, harboursector and airport infrastructure with other fields of common interest. Turkey has encouraged the participation of more Spanish companies in large-scale investment projects in the next ten years.The Parties stressed the importance of Spanish and Turkish constructin companies develop cooperations to realize joint projects in the third countries.

In the declaration, the will and commitments to develop cooperation in the fields of tourism, education,culture, communication, information society and energy have taken place.

-Defence, security

In the decleration which  Turkey and Spain have decided to strenghten and increase the cooperation among their armed forces is stressed in this context it is said that the assessment of connected forces initiative of the alliance especially working in cooperation and efficiency of both countries armed forces is made.

In the explanation it is referred to the importance  of the need on this issue coping with large scale security issues including cyber security of the growing importance and cyber defence subjects and the need for cooperation in this field, while both sides maintaining the ability to execute various ongoing  allied movements efficiently and effectively, they stressed the need for mid and long term initiative and strategies for the success of NATO forces 2020.

In the declaration, under the headind of “Foreign Affairs” these statements have taken place:

“On the regional and international subjects the Parties especially by taking into account Middle East, Africa and North Africa revised the diffuculties, tensions, opportunities which the global society faced. They have confirmed that the social and political conversion process in the region and the world continued and they underlined their joint stability to encourage and improve democracy for everybody in everywhere, basic liberties and equal opportunnities.”

Alliance of civilizations

In the decleration which took attention on the developments in Europe and Mediteranian basin further increase the need for the alliance of civilizations the assessment of “ they stressed the importance of the main goal of Alliance is to weaken the tendency of polarization among the cultures and religions and they accepted the need of fighting against xenophobia and islamophobia dangers in Europe and other places is being done.

At the statement the Parties meet with the pleasure restarting of negotiations under UN auspices, renew their supports for the solution negotiated in a short time in Cyprus, these were taken place under the headinggs of “ The conflict between Israel and Palastine”:

The Parties welcomed the efforts of the Parties and USA for fair and permanent solution of Israel Palestine conflict. They have confirmed their spport for a final peace agreement and their full commitment to two state solution depending on the boarders before 1967 and they have a call for all Parties avoid steps that could jeopardize the chances of solution.

At the statement that the Parties welcomed the Agrement on nuclear program of Iran between Iran and US/3+3 is stressed, it is said that Turkey and Spain are ready to accept mutually the agreed precautions that will lead Iran to be a part of international community, to contribute the long term, shared goals on comprehensive solutions.

Heading of Syria

At the decleration under the heading of “Syria”It is said that;

The Parties voiced deep concern about the crisis in Syria. They renew their support on Geneva-2 process aimed to find a political solution for the ongoing fight in Syria. They comdemn vigorously Regime attack on civil people without doing any discrimination including barrel bombs and usage of siege and hunger as a war weapon. They make a call to US Security Council to adress this issue urgently to give an end to the increasing brutality of the regime.

In accordance with the declaration of Geneva-1, They have confirmed the importance of the conclusion of the transition quickly which aimed at the creation of the temporaray administration with full execution fullfilling legitimate demands of the Strian people including all security structures with mutual consent. Besides they stressed their commitment to democratic, pluralistic Syria where they benefit from the constitutional equality regardless of religion, sect, ethnicity of all citizens by maintaining Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

“They have repeated that Assad and close assistants have no place in the future of Syria with their bloody hands.”

Politics of Turkey is being appreciated

In the explanation highlighted it is said that a call was made to international community to take  concrete and urgent action for increasing humanitarian aid, full and free access taken under guarantee in Syria.

“Appreciating permanent  open door policy of  Turkey which provide shelter for 700 thosands people to helpless Syrians who escape from Assad regime’s persecution. They invited international community to share the burden of the countries in their efforts towards neighboring countries for the relief of humanitaran suffering.”