Muslims forced to migration from Central Africa

Muslims forced to migration from Central Africa

Violence against Muslims in the Central African Republic increases everyday; the country turns to a place of disaster for Muslims. Now Muslims are forced to choose between death or fleeing the country.

The violence towards the Muslim minority in the Central African Republic (CAR) has reached to an unbearable level. The lynch events on the streets continue despite all reactions from the world. Muslims now face deportation.

Christian gangs in the CAR continue to savagely lynch Muslims on the streets. Following the two lynch events happened a few days ago, two more Muslims were lynched brutally.

Muslims in the CAR form one fifth of the population. Gangs, which do not tolerate existence of Muslims, have made the CAR an unlivable place for Muslims. Lately a total deportation of Muslims from the country is being discussed.

The Christian Balaka gang recently started to destroy all houses in the Muslims neighborhood in the capital city Bangui and slaughter the Muslims living there.

Balaka militants expelled the press members from the area saying “soon there will not be any Muslims here and this country will be a Christian country totally”.


Despite some weak voices from the international community, the violence in the country does not stop. Following the lynch of two Muslims by Christian groups, the UN Africa Peacekeeping Mission (MISCA) soldiers fired on the crowd and killed one Christian.

Colonel Karangwa Jean Paul from MISCA confirmed that his soldiers have fired on the Christian groups following their attacks towards Muslims. Colonel Paul said; ”We will not watch Christian gangs slaughtering innocent civilians. We are here to protect both Muslims and Christians. We will not let them kill people before us”.

It is reported that the violence against Muslims has increased following the election of Bangui Mayor Catherine Samba-Panza as the interim President last month. Samba-Panza replaced Michel Djotodia, who assumed power through the coup of Selaca powers in March 2013.

Lynch and assaults in the CAR, which targeted Muslims from Chad initially, have now targeted all Muslims. The existence of the Peacekeeping Mission, which exists to maintain security and protect civilians from violence, is almost not seen. People are being slaughtered in the streets and the gangs committing these crimes leave the scene as if nothing has happened.