”Leaders of the Turkish World Commemorated”

”Leaders of the Turkish World Commemorated”


Ankara (Non Governmental Initiative) – The first of the “Commemoration of the Leaders of the Turkish World” programs organized by International Capital City Platform and the Atilla Magazine published simultaneously in Azerbaijan and Turkey has been held. During the program, Azerbaijan’s late President Haydar Aliyev was commemorated.

The program organized by the International Capital City Platform and the Atilla Magazine was attended by eminent names from Azerbaijan and the Turkish world, together with representatives of the Azerbaijan Embassy, representatives of political parties and NGOs and other prominent guests.

The ceremony, which was introduced by the famous commentator Zeynep Köşker, started with a moment of standing still followed by the national anthems of both countries. Following a short film on Haydar Aliyev’s biography, the program resumed with slide shows.

The speeches from the guests were as follows:

Chairman of the Capital City Platform Dr. Mustafa KURT

Dear Guests; I would like to start my words by commemorating all our martyrs, veterans and all our ancestors who left us these lands as a homeland.

Welcome all to the first of the Commemoration Program of the Leaders of the Turkish World.

As the Capital City Platform we serve the concept of “let the people live so the state lives”.

We have actualized the approach of foundations, which is a heritage of our ancestors, in the Capital City Platform.

We believe that happy individuals make happy families; happy families make happy societies; happy societies make happy states, and happy states make a happy world.

Our first activity of this program is commemorating Mr. Haydar Aliyev, late president of Azerbaijan to show that our principal is “two states one nation”.

The following programs will be held in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and other Turkic Republics to initiate a tradition.

Editor of Atilla Magazine Gülşen Behbud:

We have gathered here to commemorate our Great Leader Haydar Aliyev, who is the founder of modern Azerbaijan, and has made the country shine in the world in his 10th death anniversary. Haydar Aliyev was a unique person among all Azerbaijanis. We owe our present days to him and we are grateful to him. Thanks to our Great Leader, Atilla Magazine has now celebrated its first year; and the İbad, the modern Atilla has become the hero of our culture and the Turkish world. İbad Hüseyinli is a hero who was respected by our leader. As the editor of the Atilla Magazine, I would like to thank İbad Hüseyinli. Azerbaijan means İbad, and Karabagh means İbad.

One of Azerbaijan’s eminent businesswomen Mahire Hanım:

First of all I would like to thank Mr. Mustafa Kurt, Ms. Gülşen Behbud and the hero of the Azerbaijanis İbad Hüseyinli al lot. Today I am among the people of Turkey with the Turkish people. I have to homelands in this world; one is Turkey and the other is Azerbaijan. If you do not love God you will not love this land. The love for the great leader should be in one’s heart.

Azerbaijan’s National Hero İbad Hüseyinli:

I am proud of the blood in my vessels and the Turkish people; I salute you all. The great leader Haydar Aliyev was a leader who respected the heroes. If he did not come to power then, the Turks of Azerbaijan would be vanished from history. We fought until the last drop of our bloods otherwise they would have taken Azerbaijan from us. Our leader came in the right time and ended the war. Today and tomorrow I am always to spill my blood for the Turkish nations.