Hollywood actors are spying for the CIA

Hollywood actors are spying for the CIA

A former CIA employee stated that, great players work for CIA works; report their talks with world leaders to the institution.

Former CIA Chief Legal Advisor John Rizzo claimed that Hollywood actors are applying CIA for spying.

John Rizzo in his memoir argued that spying roles of major players are not limited only with the silver screen, by announcing that they are also spying for CIA. Rizzo in his book called, Company Man: Thirty Years of Controversy and Crisis in the CIA said that it is a routine procedure to spy for the CIA for a Hollywood actors/actresses.
Rizzo in an interview on the occasion of his book’s publication: “You may think that as most of Hollywood celebrities predominately left-leaning and assume that the more conservative names worked for the CIA, but those who you might consider as liberal collaborated with the CIA” said. As the celebrities cooperating with the CIA are accepted as “secret”, Rizzo avoids announcing names in his book. Despite this, he is not afraid to give information concerning on what subjects and how has the CIA applied for Hollywood’s services.

According to Rizzo, when the film shoots are being carried out in outside of the U.S. and especially in the countries where CIA agents had difficulties in conducting operations, the CIA agents are mingling with the film crew. In addition to this, CIA applied for Hollywood actors’ to support, especially for foreign propaganda activities. In the documentaries which are secretly funded by the CIA, these players are requested for taking roles. In the same way a Hollywood star who meet a leading leader in the world, transfers the details of the interview to the CIA officials.
Rizzo, also announced that many staff within the CIA just work for managing relations with Hollywood. John Rizzo states: “Those relationships had been going on when I started working and when was continuing when I left. “Players can go to the places in which the U.S. government cannot enter”.
John Rizzo gives the following example in his book,:

“A great player says he wants to spy for the CIA. Because he has learned a rival actor’s is working for the CIA. The CIA offers money in exchange for his services but famous player rejects the offer, instead he demands 50 thousand dollars of cocaine. Although the CIA rejects the offer , the player continued to provide services to the intelligence service.”