Extreme Rightist walked in Moscow

Extreme Rightist walked in Moscow

The extreme right-wing march drew attention among hundreds of events held under the celebration of National Unity Day in Moscow, capital of Russia.
‘National Unity Day’ celebrations turned into an anti-immigrant march in Russia’s capital, Moscow.
November 4 in Russia is celebrated as the anniversary of liberation of Russia by the Polish invaders in 1612. the “Russian March” joined by the extreme right-wing drew attention among the hundreds of events held under the name of “National Unity Day” throughout Russia this year.

In the demonstration which the slogans of “Russia belongs to only Russians” are shouted, “a strong and Slavic Russia” was requested. Alexander Belov, one of the organizers who claim participation in the demonstration was around 20 thousand said that “Moscow woke up. Russians were aware of their identity. The support for Russian nationalists is increasing every day.”

Demonstrators flying the black- yellow and white color flag of Tsarist Russia asked Kremlin to draw its support for the Northern Caucasus. Extreme right-wing demonstrators calling for more stringent rules for immigrants carried Nazi symbols. Interfax agency announced that 30 demonstrators had been detained.

Warning from human rights organizations

Human rights organizations criticized the march made a warning about not to launch a manhunt targeted Central Asia and the Caucasus originated migrants. Three weeks ago, a Russian teenager killed by an Azeri immigrant had caused anti-immigrant incidents.

It is noted the presence of Aleksey Navalnıy who is anti-Putin among those who have called for the demonstration named “The Russian March”. Navalnıy who doesn’t participate in a walk also argues that the introduction of the visa requirement for Central Asian immigrants

Russian President Vladimir Putin who initialized the celebration of “Unity Day” in 2004, when he was the prime minister laid a wreath at the monument in Red Square with Kirill, the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch.