Don’t give up loving

Don’t give up loving

People are appreciated by emotions that they have and experience… Love is perhaps the greatest of these feelings … what differs people the most precious creature of others is their awareness. Ability to use mind, intelligence and will in the right way is a sign of being human with mercy, compassion and conscience.
The world’s livability is related with love ratio in humans. In fact, because of unloving people without mercy, compassion and conscience each passing day, the world loses its joy, pleasure and excitement.
Today, we may explain “cruel behavior” in our country or in our environment in one way… They are the ones who take no share of love or who cannot.
I think man worth as much as his love. The forceps of external centers lack of love with bloody hands, fed by terrorism need to know that “people who are together with love” will never be destroyed.

As we die a thousand times, we rise up a thousand times.
What makes us different from them is love and conscience.
What is the reason?

The word “peace” is such a gum in our mouths. Politicians say peace… religious man say peace… and so do Civil Society Organizations and Citizens….
Don’t we know that saying peace is not the way?
First, we need to be human … First, we need to be compassionate and caring … First; we need to fell love in our hearts…
We need to be people…
Because, people make peace …
The real reason of the “confusion” is the games played on the Middle East, and the so-called democratic practices with the Arab Spring…
What happened in Iraq, Libya and Syria is the application of a planned scenario parallel thing is happening in Turkey …
This game should not deceive us
We must follow carefully people who put PKK policy into practice Through Turkey.
We must separate Kurds from the PKK … and save them from the hands of these cruel men…
We all of us who shed rivers of blood for this country, this flag, these religions must stand still against those who mobilize all its forces to divide Turkey.
Success comes if we can maintain unity and solidarity.
If you love our country, love the people, listen to the sound of our consciences, our relationship of brotherhood will be tightened.
And, peace comes afterwards spontaneously…
Current parable is the summary of all our words;
An Indian man sees a scorpion who are trying to wade in the water.
Decides to save it and hold out his finger, but the scorpion stings.
Indian tries again to recover it from the water, but the scorpion stings him again.
Someone nearby tells him to give up trying to save the scorpion which is constantly trying to sting.

Indian guy says: “to sting is the nature of scorpion.
But in my nature there is love.
Why do I have to quit loving within my own nature as stinging is in the scorpions’? ”

Do not give up loving and your kindness.

Please know that the winner will be ones “feeling love in their hearts “.