Do not touch my polıce; but my polıce you do not touch...

Do not touch my polıce; but my polıce you do not touch anyone else!

The developments in communication technologies quickly decipher the events which are required to be suppressed and hidden. When recorded sound or images related to such incidents by mobile phones or other electronic devices fall on the internet through social media sharing sites or news sites, “cap falls bald looks “.
In the past month the son and a supervisor of a parliamentarian queue the police whom they discussed by giving numbers in their hands for diagnostic purposes created an event and led a great response. Indeed the video was taken at that moment was showing that the police are treated as criminals and this was not acceptable.

Being a member of the ruling party MPs, opposition parties and civil society organizations naturally mobilized and cause severe reactions had been given. The reason why I start with an emphasis on communication technologies is; related with these types of events the society is quickly informed and contributed fast response given. In this way, communication technologies, often private and legal persons, create social benefit to force them to correct their wrongs.
Perhaps the aforementioned event is important due to the fact that responsible transformation of a scapegoat. However, in critical segments in this regard also a known fact that they are not spoon of milk flow out. Remember the past; mayors slapped the police, parliamentarian walk on the police who ask his identity by swearing, another deputy satire police, someone else’s try to slap the police, a deputy parliament kick a police officer in the yard of the Turkish Grand National Assembly … etc. There are many samples. The vast majority are annoying events which the members or the managers of the Party in power, but the opposition parties, senior government officials even business people involved.
Turkey done a large number of legal regulations especially about the rights and freedoms with the process of democratization I think missed a little dose of the job in the application process. For the people of a country security forces are the visible side of the state. This is the image of the face of state authority at the same time. If the image has a security force agents oppressed by the parliamentarians and even the people, it will also damage the image and credibility of the state.
Last year, while I was on the heavy traffic in Ankara I witnessed a public bus lead to lock of traffic thoroughly. Traffic police who came for open the jammed traffic have warned the public bus driver, as a result, the driver exhibited incredibly aggressive stance.
Even he get down from the bus and attacked the police, began to beat him. I came out of car and tried to prevent the police get damage during the incident and after the intervention of other citizens the environment was calm. Different people, who have courage of this kind of examples, began to challenge the police. One of the nearest examples is Fenerbahce fans attack on and set fire the police cars.
Cuneyt Ozdemir from Radikal newspaper described events in the allegorical form “Fenerbahçe-Police Derby” and stated that those who are responsible should be punished. Emboldened by such authority fecklessness, Syrian refugees put the police in the target board and wounded 4 police officers in the container city established in Kilis last month. In the clash between the police who want the camera view of the theft in a kebab house in Fatih and the employees’ three police were injured.
The point here is lump. It was an environment that everyone touches the police. The police in the United States that imposed us democracy of being the largest state police can be able to use their rights from the law. A police officer I ‘ve chat with in New York, ” the judge, the prosecutor, a diplomat or politician or senior bureaucrat , no matter who he is must comply with federal and state laws within the borders of the United States, if they are involved in any crime, without exception, these persons are taken into custody, “he said. The police do not distinguish the status of people in such cases and any pressure faced carrying out their duties their superior’s lies behind them they told. Though the cultures there assess such a pressure as an unethical behavior and people often prefer not to attempt to such issue. However, a police officer in Turkey tries to write a traffic fine or take into custody a high-ranking officer due to any unlawful act, he faced with the question immediately “Do you know who I am?” Then comes an incredible pressure, and ultimately taken out of the police task.
Example in Hatay the culture of which led a police officer to be oppressed and resulted in a superior appointment of a higher rank captain, now began to prevent the functioning of the system. Examples of this kind lead police cooling and alienation of their work. This situation causes to damage of public order and state authority.
Described to this point reveals the fact that a one-sided point of view. The other side of the coin, there is the police go out of its own powers and responsibilities and from time to time their bad attitude and behavior against the people who are the reason for state’s existence.
Yesterday, I watched on the Internet images of police terror that took place in the Republic of South Africa, and almost my blood is frozen. When striking mine workers exceeded barbed wire barricades set up by the security forces, the police opened fire on the miners killed at least 30 people. No explanation of the incident. It is very difficult to understand the state kills it’s citizens in front of the world so brutally.
We don’t have the worst of such events, but we have some bad examples. Recently a police officer opened fire on young people whom he discussed in Izmir, dozens of police beat a citizen to death with his family present in Istanbul are the examples of such. From this side of the work, It would not be wrong to say that to prevent such incidents the police force should give a little more emphasis on in-service training.

Considering the two dimensions of the event; we could say that undermining the authority of the police would threaten the safety and welfare of the state and society, however of the police to fulfill their duties and responsibilities without going out of the rules of law. Citizen’s sincere commitment to the state is shaped by including all government officials, especially the police approaches and this embodiment of the state makes it more powerful. The responsibility of the State here is observe link in between always to be strong, is to ensure the provision of public safety without departing from the rules of law. It should be noted in the words of Mustafa Kemal, “Everyone’s police are their own conscience, the police is opposing to non-conscience “.