Days of action ahead of politics

Days of action ahead of politics

The inner politics, which was experiencing calm days compared to the foreign policy, was revived by PM Erdoğan, who is very skilful in setting and changing agendas, and he turned the long-talked story of AK Party-Numan Kurtulmuş (Chairman of HAS Party) unity into a concrete outcome.

The meeting between Erdoğan and Kurtulmuş is important for being the first step of the project, which was waited for long time at the bases of both parties.

It is not a secret that PM Erdoğan, who will not be running for the elections in 2014 according to the charter of his party, is getting prepared for the presidential elections at the same year.

Therefore he is searching for a strong and charismatic leader to entrust the party to.

The current AK Party staff lacks a strong name who will replace Erdoğan.

Even though there are names like Vice PM Arınç and FM Davutoğlu, who have bright political careers, it is not possible to say these names bear leadership characteristics like Erdoğan.

It seems not possible that these names, which can play the role of being the second man after a strong leader, can carry AK Party at the same level as today.

In fact the party members and the public were expecting a share of duties between President Abdullah Gül and PM Erdoğan similar to that happened in Russia between Putin and Medvedev.

However we still do not have a clear answer whether President Gül will be satisfied with the PM position after his term at the Presidency.

In fact it is not even clear whether there will be a PM position after 2014; it is possible that we may have a presidency system similar to that in the US.

Anyway, Mr. Kurtulmuş is a strong leader candidate for AK Party, even more than some of the current party officials.

With his political vision and intellectual identity, Mr. Kurtulmuş can easily fill the gap that will be created by Erdoğan.

There will definitely be some objections to him from the party.

We still remember an example of such objections when one of the AK Party Deputy Chairman Ekrem Erdem made a statement that humiliated Kurtulmuş

However the fact that he is found close by the AK Party voters and he clearly exists in the plans of PM Erdoğan, such objections will fade immediately.

I do not think there will be large separations from the government party despite all objections.

These will only be limited to those who will not have a future in the party or who prefer to commit political suicide like former Minister of Finance Abdüllatif Şener did in 2007.

In any case, this movement is a very successful one for AK Party.

Kurtulmuş factor should not be underestimated for a post-Erdoğan era in AK Party.

In fact he is the only name who can carry the party on its current level.

The inclusion of former Democratic Party Chairman Süleyman Soylu to the party will be another tactical success by Erdoğan among center right voters.

The AK Party administration staff shall be formed according to this new project in the near future.

However there is one part missing in this puzzle.

Where will Abdullah Gül be at this photograph?

Without defining his position, it will not be possible to take a clear picture of post-2014 Turkey.

It might be an option that Erdoğan becomes the president, and Gül and Kurtulmuş being the Prime Minister (or Vice President) and the other Chairman of AK Party.

The political future of Abdullah Gül shall also shape the political administration of the country for the future.

Days full of action and scenarios are ahead of the internal politics of Turkey and political analysts, which were bored these days.