Chinese boomed tourısm!

Chinese boomed tourısm!

The number of the Chinese tourists visited Turkey reached 200 thousands compared to the previous year with 43.8 percent increase.

China (Civil Initiative ) – It is said that “2012 China Culture Year in Turkey” and “2013 Turkish Culture Year in China ” events and advertising campaigns in China has a major contribution Chinese visitors in choosing Turkey.

Culture and Tourism Counselor Fuat Tayfun Sener noting that 91 per cent of Chinese before and after travel are in interactive communication through the social media mentioned the number of the people who used “weibo” like are 1 billion 43 thousand. Sener is also stressing that the number of the people that uses an instant messaging application in social media in China are 500 million, pointed to the importance of the common social media tools and digital media in China. Sener talked about the benefit of the introduction of advertising and promotional activities on these…


On the other hand, according to the news shared on social media in China, Turkey abolished electronic visa (e-visa) restrictions for the Chinese. in the article shared on Weibo in Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs response to a Chinese e-mail According to the new regulations, it is said that the Chinese who has public passport does not need a valid supporting documents. The answer was interpreted in China as Turkey abolished the e-visa restrictions for the Chinese. However; this news was denied by the Turkish authorities. Culture and Information Counsellor Sener speaking on the subject said; “In recent days, there were certain misleading news as it is entitled to receive e-visa to Turkey the facilitation of e-visa process in some media channels in China in case they have return ticket, hotel reservation and to be able to prove that every day he will remain at least 50 US dollar he has and period of validity of the passport covers the days that will remain in Turkey. This news is not true. In e-visa application, criteria and conditions in the visa section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in website still retain their validity.” The Chinese who has passport with at least six months validity or a valid Schengen visa or if they have a valid visa for one of the countries of Economic Cooperation and Development Organization(OECD) can be applied to e-visa with their credit card for 60 dollars.
It is said that Turkey did some regulation of e-visa in order to attract more Chinese tourists who love shopping like other countries according to that China citizens who have Schengen or OECD visa in their passport even the time is expired it will give the right of appeal to the e-visa.

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