Capital Platform and Furnishers Room held a seminar on occupational health and...

Capital Platform and Furnishers Room held a seminar on occupational health and safety with the cooperation of Asian Health on behalf of social responsibility

Capital Platform and Furishers Room held a seminar which they prepare jointly with Asian Health on behalf of social responsibility explaining employer and employee for the provision occupational health and safety at work assignment, authority, responsibility, right and liabilities of employer and employee improvement of existing health requirements.

To the meeting hosted by Ankara Furnishers Room; Hüseyin Taklacı, president of furnishers  room and executive board members, Dr. Mustafa Kurt, General President of Capital platform and executive board members, Dr. Mehmet Asım Hanaz Asian Health president and board members joined to the meeting hosted by Ankara Funishers Room. In presentation on occupational  health and security in Ankara Fuurnishers Room by Dr. Mehmet Asım Hanaz, the chairmen of Asian Healthcare company in the accompany of cinevision,  he explain these:

“ As it is known Occupational Health and Safety Law numbered 6331 published on 30th June 2012  and started to enter our lives  1st January 2013 onwards. In hazardous and dangerous  working places that has employee less than 50 employees of work place doctor, safety practice and workplace nurse is phostphoned from 1st July 2013 to 1st july 2014, In the less dangerous workplaces and state institutions from 1st July 2014 to 1st July 2016. According to this, in the hazardous  and dangerous workplaces  which has less than 50 employee the presentation of  workplace doctor, safety practice  and workplace nurse services will be compulsory after 1st June 2014. In this context, All employers  should learn their class of danger and according to  this they should contact with authorized joint health and security units.”

Less dangerous work places  which has less than 50 employees will be in this context  after 2016 and the companies  which do not hire workplace doctor, safety practice starting from the new year have to paid  an important amount of money. “ this will be effective in all state institutions and leess dangerous workplaces in private sector in July 2016. That means there is more than one and a half year to this law to enter into force in stores, grocers,hairdressersand apartmments but they are already in the context of risk evaluation.

Provision of  expert and doctors for Traders and small businesses  will be supported by state he said ; “Social Security Instution will meet the need for  workplace doctor and medical personel  and work health and security in dangerous and very dangerous class workplaces which employee 9 or less people after the tenders that will open in the provinces.ıt will give it common health security units (OSGB) this workplaces will pay no penny. OSGB who got tender willsend a workplace doctor in every three years and safety practice one hour per year to the work places such as repair shops, turner, electrical masters in industrial zone.”

He said that enterprises under the  work health and security will pay penalty if they are against the law, the penalty which is determined according to the  article 26 of labour law numbered 6331  will be 500 TL per person and per month to the employers that they are not  hire a workplace doctor per person whom are not hired. “ıt is stated that the penalty will be 2500 Tl for the employers who will not hire other health personel. The companies whether they take this service is controlled  by the ministry of Labour and Social Security as online on ISG-KATİP system.”Enterprises  can purchase the service from OSG units in return for invoices. The employers  will employee  either full or part time workplace doctor, safety practice or they will buy this work in return for voice from the common health-security companies. Besides,  the employer if he has  licence himself or has an employee who has licence can be informed Ministry about this employee as an expert.

The aim of Asian Health and Labour security in this system; is to give services of monitoring workplaces, monitoring health of employees, fist aid and emergency treatment, education , consultation and information   to contribute to be a more productive  work environment  without hampering the work for  a healthy and secure workplace.

As Asian Health and Labour Security; our aim is to present quality service and be a permanent partner with our expert team  that renew  itsef constantly  by fulfilling responsibilities determined in laws and legislations.

In the framework of social responsibility I present my gratitudes  to Ankara Furnishers Room and Capital platform that provide  this opportunity for us. He said.