Call from sayokan to minister of youth and sports suat kiliç

Call from sayokan to minister of youth and sports suat kiliç

The Sayokan Festival organized jointly by universities and Sayokan Ankara Alplık School was held at Altınpark Ankara for socializing the Sayokan Alps and introducing Sayokan to the public. The first organization held in Ankara was attended by Kırıkkale University, Middle East Technical University, Altınpark Alplık School, Maltepe Alplık School and Öveçler Alplık School. Kırıkkale Police Vocational School was not able to participate due to the official procedures. The activity was introduced by the famous TV speaker Zeynep Köşker, who is also a radio programmer and worked in the TRT.

The festival was attended by Vice President of the Sayokan World Federation Yaşar TANRIVERDİ, After Minister of Youth and Sports Suat KILIÇ the President of Sayokan Federation Selim YÜCEORAL, Chairman of the Capital City Platform Dr. Mustafa KURT, General Director of ANFA Mustafa Musa AKSU, Kyrgyzstan Representative of the Capital City Platform Saıbzhan SALIZHANOV, representatives of NGOs and Sayokan fans.

The introductory games, to which 110 Sayokan Alps (sportsman) participated started on May 5, the first day of the Hızır days (Sayokan Battles (Championships) are organized in this month). It was also worth noting that more than 30 Alminas (female students) participated to the event at Altınpark.

During his speech, Yaşar Tanrıverdi, Vice President of the World Sayokan Federation said that the Sayokan is growing very fast in the world and that it was more common in the world than it is in Turkey and added that they expected the Sayokan to be included within the frame of Ministry of Youth and Sports soon.

Chairman of the Capital City Platform Dr. Mustafa Kurt addressed the local administrations, businessmen, sports fans and Minister of Youth and Sports Suat Kılıç, who was the former President of Sayokan and asked them to direct their interest to Sayokan.

On behalf of Aybars, Aybar Murat Çekiç;

Pointing to the Sayokan Alps, he said that they were all here despite the negligence showed towards the Sayokan Alps, and added that they will transfer Sayokan founded by Yabgu Nihat Yiğit to the next generations in a good way.

Talking about unity, Murat Çekiç they would do everything to prevent the destruction of the unity. He added that as every country is dedicated to protect their own sports, Turkey must protect this sport, which is accepted as a Turkish Art of War in the whole world. Mr. Çekiç also said it was important that senior officials, businessmen and artists should show ownership to this sport.

Sayokan, which is formed of the first syllables of the Turkish words of “Savaşçının Yolu ve Kanı” meaning “Warrior’s Way and Blood”, is the first Turkish art of war aiming to introduce Turkish culture to the youth.

Sayokan was founded after compiling the information from the history of Turks in the Central Asia. It is an integration of spiritual and physical work aiming to peak power, resistance, speed and agility and on the contrary minimize risks of injury and sickness.

This sport is being taught in 14 countries like USA, England, Germany, Belgium, Iran, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Azerbaijan, and in 24 Alplık schools throughout Turkey.

It was first found by Yabgu (Master of Arts of War) Nihat Yiğit in 1999 after his research on techniques used in the wars in our history and was introduced as an official branch after it was analyzed by the Federation of Masters of Arts of War and International Masters of Arts of War Federation.

”9 months would be enough for someone to learn how to defend himself/herself through Sayokan techniques. People from every age can learn Sayokan; besides it is not a sport for men, women can also learn Sayokan. Students passing levels will find chance to participate in battles and win awards”.

Sayokan has got programs; in Aagan Alplik (A) training program, students between ages 9 and 24 are trained for participating to Sayokan Heroic Games. In the Basagar Alplik (B) Program on the other hand, people above the middle ages are trained to defend themselves against any assaults.

Sayokan has carried the 4 Crescents and 4 Zones tactics used by Sultan Alparslan at the Battle of Malazgirt to our age, and implements the techniques to defeat the opponent by using crescent foot techniques to compress the opponent inside a crescent.

Sayokan has got different levels each with a different belt. The Manas Gate starts with the White Belt; Toy Gate with Blue Belt, Kunt Gate with Yellow Belt, Mamak Gate with Red Belt and Kazan Gate with mixture of 4 belts, which includes white, blue, yellow and red. After these belts the final one is the black belt.

In addition there are defense tactics for women against street rogues and pickpockets. Sayokan is also important to achieve the physical tests in access to police schools. Those trained by Sayokan masters can easily achieve these exams.

It was also announced that new movies and serials will be shot about Sayokan.

The event continues with all defensive tactics against attacks, defensive tactics for women against pickpockets and wonderful shows of Aybars. Women also showed defense tactics against violence.

Then there were battles in the small, middle and big categories.

At the end of the program, Aybar Murat Çekiç thanked all guests for their participation to the event.

Finally Zeynep Köşker said they hoped continuation of such events to bring all parties together. At the end of the program, all Aybars were presented plaques for their participation.