Book Presentation Night of “Rising Star of the Caucasus, Azerbaijan in the...

Book Presentation Night of “Rising Star of the Caucasus, Azerbaijan in the period of Ilham Aliyev ” was realized

The presentation of the book written by Azerbaijani and Turkish scholars "Azerbaijan in the period of Ilham Aliyev," was made recently with the participation of distinguished guests…

The book written by Azerbaijani and Turkish scholars “Azerbaijan in the period of Ilham Aliyev,” was held with the participation of distinguished guests…
Embassy of Azerbaijani m for the organized program for the presentation of the book at Sheraton Hotel.
President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly of Turkey-Azerbaijan Friendship Group and the AK Party Istanbul Deputy Necdet Ünüvar , AK Party Ordu Deputy Idris Naim Şahin , AK Party Manisa Deputy Huseyin Tanriverdi AK Party Ankara Tulay Selamoğlu and the Presidential Secretary General Mustafa İsen , and both the President of Capital Platformand Honorary Consul of the Kyrgyz Republic Dr . Mustafa Kurt , President of Azerbaijan Strategy Research Center Professor Farhad Mammadov , Head of Strategic Research Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Professor Bulent Aras , President of Atatürk Culture, Language and History High Agency. Derya Örs, Ambassador of Azerbaijan Faik Bagırov , former Minister of Foreign Minister Hikmet Cetin, TÜRKSAV President Yahya Akengin , Director General of the International Journal of Non GovernmentalInitiative Tulay Erim Çömez, Azerbaijan National Hero Ibad Huseynov, Editor of Attila Magazine Gülşen Behbud , Cultural Ambassador of Turkish World Zeynep Köşker and many guests attended the night.
Necdet Ünüvar stated in his speech, the development of relations between the countries dependent not only culture, history, religion, language and geographical features but also statesmanship. Despite the fact that Azerbaijan and Turkey are located in different regions, we are united in ” the geography of mind”. He continued his speech; “the politician thinks of the next election, but a statesman thinks of the future. The relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan are a product of such Statesmanship.
Faik Bagırov Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Ankara stated that, Turkey and Azerbaijan has an unshakable bonds of unity derived from their common history, culture, language and religion. Bagırov said, there is no second instance of synergy between the two countries in the world, “Unfortunately, there were those who attempted to disrupt the association between the two countries. However, the assumption was removed thanks to the foresight of our statesmen”.

Editor of the book Professor Çagri Erhan, Department of International Relations at Ankara University said that in the book that was penned by Azeri and Turkish scholars, dwells on domestic and foreign policy of Azerbaijan in the period of last 20 years in which Azerbaijan went through a great change and transformation. In 1993, Azerbaijan was a very poor and underdeveloped country but in the 2000s, the country transferred into a modern one. In this growth not only oil and natural gas, played an important role, but also the statesmanship is a great stakeholder.
At the end of the introductory, Strategic Studies of Azerbaijan Republic ” STRATEGY VISION ” awards were presented to;
SAM Center for Strategic Studies (SAM ) Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey for the achievements in the field of international relations and strategic studies and the for its support for the activities, the International Strategic Research Centre ( ISRO) , the Middle East Center for Strategic Studies (ORSAM ) , Eurasia Research Center ( AVIM ) Ankara University Director of the European Communities for research and training center Professor . Çagri Erhan , Sabancı University Lecturer and Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoglu . Professor. Bulent Aras , Istanbul University Rector. Professor Aygün Attar , Kadir Has University RectorProfessor Mustafa Aydın, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey Hikmet Çetin , Editor in Chief of Turkish Policy Quarterly magazine Diba Nigar Goksel , Dean of the Faculty of Economic Management Sciences of Abant Izzet Baysal University , Dr . Kamer Kasim , Kadir Has University Lecturer Assoc . Dr . Mithat Çelikpala , Balikesir University, Associate Professor Səbahəttin Şimşir