Berlin not in to put relations between USA out

Berlin not in to put relations between USA out

The German government rejected the proposal to grant asylum for Edward Snowden, the former CIA operative.

The German government rejected the proposal to grant asylum for Edward Snowden, the former CIA operative. Berlin, doesn’t want to make heavy weather of its relation with the Unite
The crisis erupted in Berlin after the emergence of the mobile phone listening of Angela Merkel, German Chancellor by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) is still continuing. Hans Christian Ströbele member of Intelligence Supervisory Board of the Federal Assembly had a meeting with Snowden who is in Moscow last week and after the meeting he had proposed Snowden to be granted asylum in Germany. Opposition parties supported the proposal on the grounds of illuminating listening scandal.
However, the German government does not open up to ensure such a legal security to Snowden who wanted as a traitor in the United States of America. The Government spokesman, Steffen Seibert who remarking that the transatlantic relations of a great importance in terms of the Germans, pointed out Snowden’s earlier application for asylum also be rejected and noted that granting asylum to Snowden is not at the agenda. Interior Ministry officials say that Snowden’s statement can be taken in Moscow without the need to come to Germany.
Extradition treaty; On the other hand, the legal and the political dimension of the work is quite complicated. The United States had issued an international arrest decision about Edward Snowden. In accordance with the extradition treaty between Germany and the United States, Snowden should be returned to the United States in case of landing in Germany.
However, in case of Snowden’s status be evaluated as a political crime, there is no obligation for Germany to return him. But Snowden have entered into this coverage is uncertain.

Relations with the United States, providing legal protection for Snowden may also challenge Berlin – Washington relations. Karsten Voigt who was the coordinator of the German – American Cooperation of the German government between 1999 and 2010 emphasized the importance of relations between the two countries. Voigt said that “Considering the countries outside of the European Union the relations with the United States is the most important one in Germany. Voigt notes the close relationship began with the support of Americans to West Berlin during the Cold War.
American soldiers had carried food to West Berlin blockaded by the Soviet armies through the airlift which was created in the years 1948 – 1949. USA took an active role in reconstruction of West Germany and West Europe with Marshall Plan after the Second World War.
Professor Dr. Thomas Jäger of International Relations and Foreign Policy Department of the University of Cologne note that the biggest crisis between the two countries before the listening scandal was ten years ago when Gerhard Schröder, Prime Minister of that time, says “no” to the war in Iraq: ” Due to provided “no” response to the Iraq War, the one who gave this respond is an ally moved the relationships into a new dimension. Now we are one step ahead.”

Jäger says; Snowden who is seen as a criminal in the United States has become almost a cult in Germany.
“Contact should be adopted” Germany’s former ambassador to Washington, Wolfgang Ischinger warned that therefore Snowden invitation to Germany to be a very difficult situation in terms of relations with the United States: ” how Germany perceive NSA listening of cell phones of German politicians as a slap in the face, in the same way the United States will assess the situation.”

Ischinger thinks that will be a lot more sense instead to contact with American senators who were critical about NSA activities. Ischinger who stated that the agreement on the agenda of stating “no espionage” is the right step between Germany and the United States said that: “At that time, it will bepossible to re-establish confidence and repair the great loss of confidence. This is for the benefit of both Europe and the United States. ”

According to a report on the website of Spiegel, a high-level delegation from the U.S. Congress is planning a diplomatic visit to Germany in the coming days.