Being disabled is not an obstacle for producing

Being disabled is not an obstacle for producing

Politicians, bureaucrats, representatives of civil society organizations are participated in the activity done by En-Kamu-Der due to 3rd December World Disabled Day...

Ankara (Civil Initiative) – Disabled Assistance and Solidarity Association of Public Employees (En-Kamu-Der) due to December 3rd World Disabled Day has organized an event” called “Disability in Employment”.
To the event; M. Murtaza Yetis AKP deputy of Adıyaman, Chairman of AKP Disability Coordination Center; Gazi ALATAŞ Deputy Undersecretary of Family and Social Policy Ministry ,Kenan ÖNALAN Ministry Counsel of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy ,Can CANKESEN Chairman of Transport Officer Union , Şerafeddin DENIZ Chairman of the Turkish Transport Union, Dr. Mustafa KURT Kyrgyzstan Honorary Consul and Chairman of Capital Platform, Irfan AŞIKOĞLU CEO of ASIKLAR Group Inc., Idris ORTAKAYA Chairman of All Civil Initiatives Formation , Ali YILDIZ Businessman and Gul SOYSÜREN CHP Chairman of Istanbul Provincial Women’s Branch are participated.

Chairman of En-Kamu-Der, Bülent Kapu “We still could not reach sufficient number of disability employment”
Chairman of En-Kamu-Der, Bülent Kapu stressed that reinforcement that there’s no work done by disables in case reinforcement, disability is not an obstacle for production. Kapu who says there are important improvements in the employment of disabled in public work explained that the sufficient number couldn’t be reached in the employment of disabled in public.
Kapu added that with Disabilities Officer Selection Examination and draw lots systems employment of people with disabilities as an officer will increase.

AK Party Deputy of Adıyaman Muhammet Murtaza Yetiş “We increased the employment number of disables to 34 thousand.”

Muhammet Murtaza Yetiş who do a speech in the event called “Employment of Disables” stated that the number of disabled employed in public sector was around 5 thousand in 2002, they raised the number to 34 thousand.
Yetiş, pointing to the lack of 25 thousand people with disabilities employed in the public sector he said; “the reason for this disabilities education is not to be in the desired point “.
Gazi Alataş, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies drawing attention that they gave importance to the employment of disables said that; “But on this subject we have to move together with NGO’s”.

Dr. Mustafa Kurt, Turkey Honorary Console to Kyrgyzstan “ I wish a Barrier-Free Future for our country and the world”

Delivering a speech at the event, Dr. Mustafa Kurt, Honorary Consul of Turkey to Kyrgyzstan, Chairman of Capital Platform providing information about the work of Capital Platform, said these:
The summary of our mission as capital platform, we are trying to explain and spread in national and international level the understanding of “let live people so the state live”. There are very important guests here representing State, Ministries and NGO’s. I would like to call public opinion from here that creating an unobstructed country is not only the duty of the public associations of disabled or disabled NGO’s but also it is the duty of all NGO’s, politicians, bureaucrats, media and all levels of the society. Other NGO’s should also hire at least few disabled in their executive board related with the disabled so they should create empathy in order to understand and facilitate our disabled brothers.

I think NGO’s located in between the one who get service and provide service should realize their work more effective and organized way to facilitate the work of our disabled brothers.

Dr. Kurt pointing to the necessity of the whole layers of the society should take the responsibility on complete his words by saying;
“State is a relative concept, it is intangible and when we concrete it found a body in human. That is if you withdraw human there is no concept of state; when you withdraw human there is no organization and that organized structure, then the sacred thing is human. In that sense I wish a Barrier-Free Future for our country and the world”