Anatolian woman is the one who suffers

Anatolian woman is the one who suffers

Yurdusev Arığ is a person who works for women to take part in politics and has one of the leading roles in this regard. Arığ has been guiding people with her books states that Anatolian woman is the one carrying the home economics through.

Yurdusev Arığ, President of the Association of Women Politicians expresses that with the existing potential, extremely powerful water products, production resources and arable fields we have to direct Turkey to production. Arığ says: “I want to say that unfortunately, quite a big portion our population is not well-fed. Within an increasingly polluted environment, insecticide-fruits, the palled fruits when they are peeled, I miss luscious flavor of the wormy apples, cherries rained on. Even the green tomatoes used to have a taste of pleasure.. Now all tasteless vegetables, seeded bagels of Ankara are turned into naked walls.. Lime watered jams of our elders, are not even possible to be imagined now. Numerous opportunities given by God to us, should be used for many years all together. If there is no unity and harmony within the country, if a compromised is not found, we won’t be able to live the joy of happiness. ”
Anatolian Woman is the insurance of our society
Although there has been some difficulties, problems, we recognize that the problems in the economy are being disposed off, it is because the “Anatolian woman”. With the contentment of less and pulling out all the stops without reflecting the reality of the kitchen is the Anatolian women, the mirror, and insurance of our society. I know women who can handle a month with very little money. I regret, however, to see waste in some of the areas and the charge has reached its peak. There are those who cannot find even bread and food, and those who are swamped in waste and consume on the other side … That is why I say we need to find a compromise. If women, who keep Anatolian society alive, take part in Turkish political arena (If the leading political parties let them to do so) they will be successful in managing the state and even increase the success graph. That is why I especially want our women to take part in political parties.
The waste should be prevented
According to the latest data, there are billion of hungry people in the world in Africa, India, Africa, and North Vietnam. We know the fact that there are people who try to provide a living under difficult conditions in our society too. So why are we still consuming, I’m unable to make the head of it. “I have never left the table with full stomach, I have never left a piece of bread behind, I have never slept after 06.00 in the morning by being caught of the complacency of nights”, said Yurdusev Arığ. However, her statement makes us think more..

Yurdusev Arığ is longing for the past

Ottoman Costumes in Ankara Citadel

• Yurdusev Arığ is a philanthropist who devoted herself to culture and the arts.There are many works of art she donated to Kınacızade Mansion, the famous Craftsman Kıvırcık Usta, in Ankara Castle. Being a host of the Ottoman clothes of a lady like Yurdusev Arığ, gives another touristic perspective to Ankara castle.

• We suggest you to stop by the Historical Mansion which serves approximately 20 thousands of foreigners 100 thousand domestic visitors a year and would like to announce from here the Mansion is to everyone open from 09:00 to 23:00 at weekdays and weekend, you may have a Turkish coffee break and fulfill your longing.