An admonishment and an essential answer to “the statements full of complaints...

An admonishment and an essential answer to “the statements full of complaints for the people of kayseri”

I saw an irrational and awkward article entitled with “Statements full of complaints for people from Kayseri” in the 12th edition of “International Civil Initiative” Newspaper published in Ankara on March 2013

“The article written by a lady called Zeliha Köksal, The President of Association for Kayseri Classroom Education, Rehabilitation, Art, Culture and Solidarity (KAY DERS), was published uncensored with her own words by newspaper managers. Therefore, they anticipate that there are issues needs to be censored at the article.

This lady stating that she lived 30 years in Europe and turned back to Turkey with her family founded KAY DERS with a concern that the embittered and desperate kids having financial impossibilities accessing education in Kayseri

After that, they want help from government officials and citizens to support these children. However, within this period of 45 days no one allocate money or take part of.

Because of this, the lady flew into a rage and look what she raves:
“… If they keep constructing those high buildings and ignore poor people be sure that the public in pain will destroy those cities. They demolish your beautiful houses over you. Do not have any doubt about this.
We identify with students of Erciyes University that all people in Kayseri do not have any hearts for poor people. In my opinion, they should have an operation and heart transplant.

… there are two options for the city left students of Kayseri Erciyes University in the lurch.
1. Their heart is dead otherwise they count on children of this nation.
2. They have hearts but they don’t know their functions.”

It is not possible to understand why this lady is so much frustrated and hatred as she is assumed to have affectionate soul, toleration and sensitive heart since she founded an association for poor and miserable students.

Above all, having discrimination as rich and poor and thoughts of demolishing houses of people with rights and wishes in mind, she has a provocative and incentive mentality and uses this against young people.

By saying that they identify with students of Erciyes University that all people in Kayseri do not have any hearts for poor people this lady must ignore that fact that the land of Erciyes University and the whole campus with installations, equipment and tools, technical, and medical devices were donated by charitable businessman and benefectors of Kayseri.

Apart from this, except for two state universities, Melikşah and Nuh Naci Yazgan Foundation Universities also were open to service by noble Kayseri people considering not only economy and business but also education and learning.

You come across a charity or education institution such as school, hospital or fountain carrying the names of their benefectors all around Kayseri. Ignorance of these monuments and memorials is the finest reference for ungratefullness.

On the other hand, it can’t be known the reason why they lay on and slander against Kayseri people who serve with their oustanding kids loyal to soil, nation and values working at every levels of governmental and educational institutions all around Turkey and the world on the areas of science and technology.

But some of the things known; Kayseri people who know very well the commercial morality, charity, good deeds and virtue make a great contribution to the country’s economy through huge investment they established, a variety of employment they created, opportunities they obtained and the products they exported

In addition to some of the things known, as it is in Kayseri, wealthy townsman personally or through associations they established in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Adana, gives a satisfactory amount of scholarships to hundreds of thousands of students and construct modern dormitory buildings and shelters for them.

In the past, an article full of contrasts entitled “Anatolian Epic – Kayseri” was published in a magazine issued on January 1965 in the name of “Kemalism”. In the years after the revolution, this slanderer man, the writer of the article, came to Kayseri. The reason of his visit and his contacts were never clarified. Without hesitation, he reported that commercial and religious life was in the hands of Hacıemmi in Kayseri and it was a shame. He continued his words as:

“…Some bigot coterie nothing to do with religion refrain from giving a dime for the construction of the school while they donate three and a half million Liras to a mosque…”

Yeah, who knows, the person could feel justified because his magazine didn’t receive any advertisement or subscription while he kept an outrageous slander to town’s habitants having commercial and scientific leadership features…

However, the person should have known that citizens “who constructed a mosque with three and a half million liras” founded education and training institutions as glorious monuments in every corner of Kayseri by combining their financial possibilities with the feelings of patriotism at the same time.

People of Kayseri “Who constructed a mosque by three and a half million liras” formed “High Islamic Institute”, the core of Erciyes University, which would cost 15 million liras with the pleasure and excitement of the love of knowledge and wisdom in those years

The people of Kayseri that the author accused of obscurantism allocated 750 thousand liras for the building of “City Theater” regarded as a school of life and manner at that time.

We gave the answer to the author of the manuscript in “Kemalism” magazine via “Ülker” newspaper I’m the owner and editor-in-chief with the issue of February 15, 1965.

How that author of the magazine and the female writer of the “Civil Initiative” newspaper would respond if the people of Kayseri ask the question below?
• So, how much money did you donate? To which school or institution of knowledge and wisdom?

In fact, I’m not accustomed to this kind of polemics… I know that it is a waste of time to defense my noble fellows exposed today to the awkward slanders full of contrasts that were encountered fifty years ago. But still I can’t manage to remain silent against behaviors that harms national personality and identity

Abdullah SATOĞLU
(Researcher – Writer)

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