2013 should be marked as the “peace year”

2013 should be marked as the “peace year”

Chief Advisor to the Chairman of TESKOMB (Turkish Union for Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit Guarantee Cooperatives) Mr. Ahmet Kaya visited Chairman of the Platform and discussed the “terror” issue.
Ankara (Non Governmental Initiative) – Chief Advisor to the Chairman of TESKOMB Mr. Ahmet Kaya visited the Capital City Platform Chairman Mr. Mustafa Kurt and discussed the issues on the agenda. The main topic was “terror and methods for solution”.


Chairman of the Capital City Platform Mr. Mustafa Kurt expressed his pleasure for the visit of Mr. Ahmet Kaya, Chief Advisor to the Chairman of TESKOMB, and stated that the political parties should work on project basis on the issue of terror.

Noting that the terror cannot be underestimated solely with condemnations, Mr. Kurt said: “all political parties, NGOs, and the state with all its institutions and organizations should act in a unity”.

KAYA: They keep saying “mothers should not cry and father not sorrow anymore” but they do not bring any solution.

Chief Advisor to the Chairman of TESKOMB Mr. Ahmet Kaya in his remarks stated that the political leaders should consider the terror issue as an important problem worth sacrificing their political lives for its solution and asked “if we are not to solve it today, in which century are we going to do this?

Kaya said:

“Looking at the political leaders we hear remarks from them that they are ready to sacrifice their political lives for this cause. In fact we hear this not only from the leaders but also from many of our politicians. However we do not see these words be transformed into concrete projects or steps. They keep saying “mothers should not cry and father not sorrow anymore” but they do not bring any solution.”

Kaya also said that it is not possible to solve such a vital problem, which closely interests not only Turkey but the region and even the whole world, without introducing sincere approaches, and added:

“I would like to address all parties in the Parliament, which I consider as the major part of this deadlock. If you really desire peace and want to stop this bloodshed, then come to us with a project rather than words, and ask the government to support your project. Peace is only achieved with belief from the heart and willingness. Otherwise the public will have doubts about your sincerity.

As for myself, as a citizen of the Republic of Turkey with Kurdish roots, I would like to emphasize the responsibilities that the political parties, NGOs and all sections of the society should bear in order not to distract the Turkish-Kurdish brotherhood. We all should be aware of our responsibilities and fulfill them accordingly.

It is very important when Masoud Barzani said in the AK Party’s congress that it is not possible to get anywhere using weapons. We think that the Kurds living in Syria, Iran and Iraq should be considered as historical relatives by the Republic of Turkey. I think it is not appropriate for the government, opposition and the people of Turkey, which is an inheritor of an empire, to refuse a hand of friendship given to them”.

Kaya added that he would like to commemorate late President Turgut Özal, for his contributions and sacrifices for establishing a peace, and ended his words by saying:

“I would like to finalize my words by commemorating late President Turgut Özal, who sacrificed a lot for finding a solution to this problem, and thank Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his great efforts on this prospect. I wish 2013 will be accepted as a milestone and will be marked as a “peace year” in the history”.